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Hot Stuff: Sexier Or Just Dirtier? Who's Liking 'Filthy' Justin Timberlake So Far?

Hot Stuff: Sexier Or Just Dirtier? Who's Liking 'Filthy' Justin Timberlake So Far?

JT is back with brand spanking new single "Filthy" to spark up this new year. So, I follow this playlist on Spotify, NEW MUSIC FRIDAY, and his single suddenly pops up midday with a cover art saying: "This is a song called Filthy by Justin Timberlake. This song should be played very loud." Never mind if he doesn’t know how to use his adverbs properly, I was psyched to listen to it instantly.

Okay, it’s a totally new sound for him, very hip and synthetic with a heavy rock intro to start things off. The lyrics are almost inaudible though, maybe that’s why he persists that you play it very LOUDLY. And so I google the lyrics: "Haters gon’ say it’s fake.. so real."Pretty loaded.The rest of the lyrics are almost cryptic seemingly talkin’ bout debauchery on the surface but might actually contain undertones of the dangers of hype—that is just me trying to sound like a smartass. I read up more on it and critics are divided with their opinions on the single. It does sound like it has a heavy Prince influence, which I particularly love but its being not too melodic that I have a problem with, personally. Definitely far from his previous carrier singles, "Like I Love You," "SexyBack," or "Suit & Tie," which were all catchy on the get-go. But maybe he’s going deeper and darker for his next album ala Beyoncé. He announces on his instagram that his album Man of the Woods drops this February 2 with a track list:


MOTW. Link in bio.

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It has also been reported that Alicia Keys and Christ Stapleton collabs with him in some tracks. But he also has released a music video simultaneously, with the release of the single in all streaming platforms and it is nothing short of awesome!

Now the song makes a little more sense. Very much like when Tay Tay released "Look What You Made Me Do," which may have been catchy AF but clearly was not to be received well critically. Her music video gave a whole new dimension to the song’s appreciation. In JT’s video, he appears to be emulating a futuristic version of Steve Jobs launching a new product which is a robot, in this case, that he controls from the backstage. As the robot acts more human, and even exhibiting sexual innuendos as the crowd goes wild, lines are blurred as to who controls who. Sounds like a Black Mirror episode? Well, just watch it and see for yourself.

Though I predict this single won’t reach the top of the charts, and I may eventually be proven wrong, there’s no denying that anticipation has definitely heightened for the release of his new album for 2018. Welcome back JT!

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