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Going Into Food Business? Here are 3 Main Ingredients to Succeed.

Going Into Food Business? Here are 3 Main Ingredients to Succeed.

Wondering of putting up a food business? Let Glenda Barretto of Café Via Mare show you half of the way. What does it really take to be successful in this business just like her? Read on and find out.



As for Mrs. Barretto, patience is one of the key ingredients if you want to be successful in the industry. Patience for her may be defined as not resorting to the idea of giving up no matter how difficult the situation goes.

So has she ever thought of giving up?

“No, never, not even once (where I wanted to give up doing what I do) because one success will lead you to another one. When one successful dinner is finished, I would already start thinking of the next,” Mrs. Barretto shares.


Hard work

For someone who started with only wanting to serve good food in a nice ambiance, Mrs. Barretto has truly gone a long way with Café Via Mare and it all wouldn’t be possible without a tremendous amount of hard work.

One of the milestones that felt like her hard work paid off was when they catered to an important event outside the Philippines.

Mrs. Barretto recalls, “We did a dinner in Hongkong at Grand Hyatt which normally wouldn’t allow an outsider caterer but they allowed us for the Asia Pacific Business Forum which was hosted by President Fidel Ramos at that time. We served an entirely Filipino menu from the appetizers down to the menu.”



It’s one thing to be consistent and another to be creative. Now when you marry the two, you get consistently creative. And nothing could be a more powerful combo than those two.

“During the time of ERAP in Argentina, during his state visit, we did the dinner. So we brought carvers, we used the pumpkins that’s available in Argentina. We had it cut and shaped it to a pot. The Argentinians couldn’t recognize it, after the dinner all of them were lining up and asking for the container of the soup,” says Mrs. Barretto.

She further adds, “That’s why we’re all inspired and it’s nice to work with the people that we have because they’ve also absorbed the culture of quality. They know how meticulous we are in preparing food, they respect the different processes.”


Now that you know the three main ingredients, how about you get in the kitchen and start carving your own name? 




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