In Focus: 7 Doggo Films That Will Start Your Year Of The Dog Right!

In Focus: 7 Doggo Films That Will Start Your Year Of The Dog Right!



It doesn't matter whether or not you were born during the Year of the Dog. If you're one of the people who stop to gawk at canines of all sizes and breeds, then you have the right to call 2018 your year!

Do you know any better ways to fuel the dog lover in you other than watching films featuring every man's best friend? If you don't, then start your year right by doing a dog movie marathon as we kick the Year of the Dog off!

1. 101 Dalmatians

Whether it's the 1961 animated film or the 1996 live-action version, you can never go wrong with watching a beloved Disney classic. Who could ever get tired of seeing how literal puppy love trumps evil? Plus, that's a hundred plus one puppers in a single film! What more do you need? 

2. Marley & Me

To gauge just how ready they are to raise a family, a newly-wed couple decides to  take a peek into parenthood by adopting a pupper who grows into the world's most mischievous dog. Yeah, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star in it, but who cares? Marley is the true star of this film, if you ask us!

3. Bolt

The first time Bolt escapes from the set of his self-titled TV show, he is hit hard with the fact that his superpowers are birthed from special effects. However, when the situation called for it, Bolt proves that he is so much more than the super canine producers packaged him to be. If you need just a final nudge to convince you to watch this film, then maybe you should know that Bolt is actually voiced by John Travolta!

4. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

This American adaptation based on the legendary Japanese canine Hachiko was just as moving and tearjerking as the original Japanese film. Hachi: A Dog's Tale retells the true to life tale of Hachiko's loyalty and proves that dogs are appropriately dubbed as "man's best friend." Make sure you've got tissues on hand!

5. Frankenweenie

Tim Burton drills a small hole for us to peek into an alternate "what if" reality where a young boy named Victor brings his beloved dog Sparky back to life. This 3D stop-motion film not only tells the tale of an owner's undying love for their pet but also includes cheeky references to other Tim Burton movies that only true fans can catch!

6. Beethoven

When a couple of thieves break into a pound, one dog escapes and sneaks into the Newton residence to hide from the dognappers. While Beethoven helps the children deal with their own issues, he causes all sorts of trouble for their father. Released in 1992, Beethoven has all the homey and nostalgic comedy feel to it similar to that of Home Alone. '90s kids, this one's for you!

7. Secret Life of Pets

Ever wondered what your pets are doing when you leave them at home for school or work? Illumination Entertainment did and they shared their theory with us through this adorable film! If you haven't watched it yet, you really should because Max and Duke will take you on the wildest adventure that your pet may have or may not have been through! 

Don't stop at #7! There's a whole world of dog movies out there for you to enjoy this 2018! Any recos? Leave them in the comments below!

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