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In Focus: Back-To-School Struggles Every Student Faces After The Holiday Break

In Focus: Back-To-School Struggles Every Student Faces After The Holiday Break


Thank the gods for Christmas and New Year because we all had our much deserved rest for days! The long break gave us the freedom to do the things we’ve been wanting to do during the school year like sleeping in, binge-watching series, having movie marathons, and, of course, non-stop eating!

Since classes are already starting to resume for most, here are some of the struggles we know every student experiences when they go back to school after the holiday break. We're pretty sure y'all can relate!

1. Your uniform’s fit isn’t flattering anymore.
Can we just say that it is a rarity if your uniform is still a comfortable fit? Most of us mimicked the stuffed sausage we ate during the holidays. How can you not gain weight if Noche Buena and Media Noche are just a  few days apart?

2. You still write 2017 instead of 2018.
Don’t try to deny this one. During the first few days of going back to school after the holidays, you have a lot of erasures when you write the date!

3. You miss having the whole day doing nothing. Just a few days in and you already miss doing nothing. You spend your day just binge-watching your favorite series, taking naps, streaming random films, eating, playing with your pets, napping and eating again... You sometimes wish that days could go by faster for another long weekend or the summer break!

4. Waking up early feels like a death sentence. Hearing your alarm clock going off or your mom's voice shouting at your bedroom door is like waking up into a nightmare. Getting up early is one of the hardest thing to do, let alone taking a bath in the cold hours of the morning!

5. You try so hard to keep yourself awake in school. Who here sleeps during classes? Well, you should raise your guilty hand! Since you feel like you didn't have enough sleep and your body clock has been messed up, it's a struggle to keep your eyes open during class lectures!

7. Studying againNeed we say more? Let's be honest here. We all dread going back to school because our responsibilities are about to pile up again. From going back to #thesismode to sitting long hours in class, there's really nothing worse than seeing our terror profs and annoying groupmates again!

No matter how many struggles we may face when we go back to school, we all look forward to seeing the bunch of weirdos A.K.A. our friends who we terribly missed during the break, and that suddenly makes going back to school bearable and even more exciting!

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