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Daily Diaries: Off To A Fresh Start? These Celebs Share Their Wise Words To Live By This 2018!

Daily Diaries: Off To A Fresh Start? These Celebs Share Their Wise Words To Live By This 2018!

There’s something about New Year’s that makes you look back at life—whether it’s to celebrate the crazy good times, leave behind the extremely unpleasant ones, or perhaps do both as Earth completes yet another trip around the sun. And in today’s world where social media makes it easy to express yourself to a bunch of people all at once, a holiday this big merits more than enough musings from anyone you follow.

Celebrities, in particular, are accustomed to voicing their thoughts online. A lot were inspired to share the lessons they picked up, leading us here at ABS-CBN Lifestyle to do a little reflecting too. Check them out!

1. What we learned from Jessy Mendiola: Bidding goodbye to the year that has passed is our chance to welcome an entire year’s worth of fresh starts!


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2. What we learned from Mariel de Leon: Fire is a metaphor often associated with passion and intense feelings. Keeping it alive, as our reigning Miss International Philippines did, can be enough to overcome whatever trials and struggles come your way.


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3. What we learned from Rajo Laurel: The heart wants what it wants. Listen to it, and let nothing stop you from going after what it yearns for.


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4. What we learned from Gary Valenciano: Every day counts. Make the most out of 2018 because when the year is done, your collective experience of it could turn out to be a fantastic story.


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5. What we learned from Dawn Zulueta: Jokes aside, eating more of the good stuff (and less of the bad) is one New Year’s Resolution to keep!


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6. What we learned from Doug Kramer: His thoughts on this quote are on point. While we should do our best to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, God’s plans will always be better and deserving of praise.


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