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In Focus: 6 Life-Changing Experiences You Should Spend On Instead Of Material Things

In Focus: 6 Life-Changing Experiences You Should Spend On Instead Of Material Things



It's easy to get caught up in a materialistic world. Sometimes, it slips out of our mind that the best things in life are intangible and can only be relished through experience. So instead of spending your hard-earned money on gadgets and clothes, why not save up for experiences that can actually make a bigger impact in your life?

Whether it's a short course or a backpacking trip, these things will surely help you define your passion and teach your things you never knew you needed. Here, we list down six life-changing experiences you should shed cash on that no material thing could equal to its worth. 

1. Going to concerts and fan meetings

Seeing your favorite band, group, or artist live is always a dream-come-true. If you're a hardcore fan, spending thousands of cash is totally worth it for that one-night-only experience that will bring you the closest you'll ever be to your idol. Singing along to the songs, screaming their names, or having a high-touch with your fave Korean star are truly exhilirating moments that you can never forget!


2. Traveling

For millennials, traveling is not just a family bonding sesh like it used to be. Going on out-of-town getaways with your squad or a solo trip abroad can make for valuable memories that you will cherish forever. No matter where you're going, as long as it's different from the environment you got used to, you will surely learn something. Seeing different places and immersing yourself into different cultures will definitely enrich your soul!


3. Trying out different cuisines

You will absolutely do this when you're traveling, but this is also possible to experience even you just want to explore your own city. Nowadays, different cuisines are just in the palm of our hands; a cookbook, a mall full of wordly restaurants, or just your new kapit-bahay from a different country. Food is a huge part of every country's culture, making you feel like you're experiencing their history with just one bite. If you can't fly to your favorite K-drama locations, then a night of samgyeopsal with your friends will do just fine!

4. Beach-hopping

There's something about beaches that's just so calming—perhaps it's the sound of waves, the feeling of scrunching sand beneath your feet, or the touch of the sun against your skin. When we're near the water, we unconsciously feel a sense of soft fascination with its movements. Our brain feels relaxed yet focused, different from when we're in the city. Thankfully, our country has a lot of seaside spots that we can easily take a roadtrip to! If your daily life is getting you down, there's nothing like a beach getaway to serve us your much-need breather.


5. Taking lessons or short courses

Whether you're itching to be fluent in a new language or you want to take your photography hobby to the next level, spending money on further education is a smart choice. There's nothing like personal growth to get you your money's worth! This will also cultivate your passion and lead you to the person you've always wanted to be!


6. Doing extreme outdoor activities. 

The thrills and chills that outdoor activities can give you is just indescribable, especially if it's an extreme one! Extreme outdoor activities like parascending, bungee jumping, and skydiving let you experience things you will never experience from your normal environment. Aside from its "YOLO" vibes, the adrenaline rush you get will surely fuel your adventurous spirit and help you defy your fears!


It's okay to spend money on material things, but you should never base your happiness on them. If you're looking for something unforgettable, start investing in life-changing experiences because they're totally worth it!

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