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In Focus: These Idols Have The Most Breathtaking Vocals In The K-Pop Scene!

In Focus: These Idols Have The Most Breathtaking Vocals In The K-Pop Scene!



In an industry full of talented singers, finding which ones really do stand out isn't easy. Sometimes, we don't even want to single out anyone because we all love our idols equally! But being labeled as the main vocalist in a K-pop group means that these idols are meant to bring the house down with their cut-above-the-rest pipes. They're mostly the one who sings the chorus and the high notes, so it's not hard to spot them in their performances.

We can't deny that our favorite K-pop songs won't be the same without their breathtaking vocals, so here's an apt appreciation for these vocal beasts from our fave groups!

1. SNSD's Taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon, one of the most popular K-pop vocalists, has been described as the "OG Vocal Queen" because she has been in the game since 2007. Her vocals are quite known for being clean and high with perfect consistency, tone, and control that even Park Jin Young, CEO of JYP Entertainment, praised her soulful voice saying he wished to work with Taeyeon in the future because of her ability to tell a story through singing. It's no surprise why she's the leader of K-pop's Nation Girl Group!

 2. BIGBANG's Taeyang

Dong Youngbae, widely known as Taeyang, is BIGBANG's very own "Rising Sun" for a reason.  His specialty is R&B and Hip Hop, but he is also known as the "Master of Love Songs" because of his kilig lyrics. His award-winning work like "Only Look At Me" and "Wedding Dress" have been covered by a ton of artists locally and internationally. If there's one thing on top of our K-pop wish list, it would be to be serenaded by Taeyang! OMG!

 3. EXO's Chen

Kim Jongdae, widely known as Chen, is EXO's first-rate vocalist. With his graceful voice and bright yet full timbre, Chen has been described as a classified light lyric toner. Even his members know that he is the best vocalist of the group! It's rare to hear a male idol cover a song originally sang by a female using its original key, but Chen did just that! He covered Chan Whee's "Tears," singing it with the female key with ease and finesse!


As a rookie group, BLACKPINK has absolutely wowed the hallyu world with their catchy songs and incredible visuals. Park Chaeyoung, widely known as Rosé, was first noticed by a lot of K-pop fans because of her unique voice. It's obvious that she's using a different technique than the ones we're used to, but what we love about Rosé is her astounding falsetto range. You will have a love-hate relationship with her technique, but you won't be able to stop listening to her undeniably stand-out voice!

5. BTS' Jungkook

Besides his kyeopta looks, BTS's "Golden Maknae", Jeon Jungkook, has the most soothing voice in the group. He has an amazing control with his vocal range and smooth transitions to falsetto. The "Queen of Collaborations" Soyu, said in an interview with Kim Chang Yeol's Old School that she hopes to collaborate with Jungkook because of his impressive vocals. His fans sometimes joke around, saying that if you want to be healed, just listen to Jungkook! We're keeping our fingers crossed that he'll record a K-drama OST soon!

6. TWICE's Jihyo

TWICE is currently climbing up the K-pop scene with their cutesy songs and adorable dance steps. We can't help but praise how Park Ji Soo, commonly known as Jihyo, uses a simple technique when it comes to singing, but sounds so powerful when you hear it! If you watch the group's performances, you'll be stunned by how she makes hitting high notes look painlessly easy! Here's to hoping that JYP gives her a solo song soon! 

7. Red Velvet's Wendy

Even though she's part of a 3-year-old K-pop group, Song Seungwan, better known as Wendy, has already been compared to OG K-Pop dominant vocalists like SNSD's Taeyeon and 2NE1's Park Bom because of her well-trained vocals. Her pitch is simply perfect for their bubbly-meets-sophisticated image. Plus, what makes her voice appealing is how it's more on soulful-sounding than pop, so her rich tone truly stands out!

8. 2NE1's Park Bom

It's generally known that 2NE1 has already disbanded last January 2017, but we can't help but add their vocal powerhouse, Park Bom, in this list! Known as one of the most unique voices in K-pop, Park Bom's live vocal performances sound exactly like the studio versions! This also proves that she's never autotuned. Hearing a powerful rap part in any 2NE1 song followed by Park Bom's fiery chorus is just the bomb!

9. SHINee's Jonghyun

SHINee is known for having members that can be equally labeled as the main vocalist. But of course, in every performance, there's always this one soulful voice that stands out, and that's Kim Jonghyun's. He has been dubbed as one of the K-idols who has the strongest vocals, being able to sing in multiple genres and blend well with the other members' voices. The best one is when he sings ballads that you can't help but feel like you're being lulled to sleep!

With Jonghyun's passing, the whole K-pop industry mourns because we truly lost a multi-talented artist who can never be replaced in our hearts.


Who's your most beloved K-pop vocalist? Let us know in the comments below!

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