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In Focus: 6 Signs You're The 'Tita' Of The Group During 'Inuman' Nights

In Focus: 6 Signs You're The 'Tita' Of The Group During 'Inuman' Nights



Do you ever feel as if life has catapulted you from being an active teenager to an easily-exhausted middle-aged woman? It's as if you've suddenly become too old for college-level nights out when you were a proclaimed party animal just two years ago. 

But before you panic about feeling too old, there's nothing to worry about. It's common knowledge that some people mature faster than others and it could just possibly mean that you've evolved into a millennial tita. If you're not sure how to tell, look through these six signs to determine whether you are officially a tita or not!

1. You volunteer to cook or make your pulutanFor some weird reason, you find yourself willingly standing over the grill and watching over the liempo. You even feel a rush of pride coarsing through you when your friends finish the pulutan and ask for more!

2. You're the one mixing cocktails and drinks. You don't feel bad for being left out of the kwentuhan to mix the drinks for your squad. In fact, you realize that you have more control over the night than anyone since you're the person who gets to decide how strong the drinks are and how drunk everyone will be by the end of the night.

3. You turn down the volume of the stereo. Maybe you enjoyed singing and dancing along to your friend's playlist for the first half of the night but a few hours later, the music slowly becomes noise and starts to get to your head. It's even worse when your friends start shouting over the music when they could just speak in normal volume if they would just turn that blasted stereo down!

4. You try to control your squad's noise level. You're the first to shush your friends when it feels as if they've become too loud. You know what if feels like to be disturbed by rowdy neighbors and you can only hope your friends learn how to use their indoor voice immediately.

5. You feel sleepy even before you begin to feel tipsy. Perhaps the saddest part of being a tita is not getting your money's worth from your drink. You paid good money to get drunk, not to be sleepy after all! Before the alcohol even starts to kick in, you start eyeing Uber or Grab prices or the best sleeping spot in the house!

6. You're the first to retire for the night. You never even get to the good part of the night when your friends start talking politics, begin to cry over real-life drama or throw up in the bathroom because you've already either booked a ride home or passed out on the couch. You don't even feel bad for missing out the next day because you know deep in your heart you'd rather have a good night's rest than be part of a messy night!

If you're all of this, then we're calling it: You're officially a tita. There's nothing to be sad about or ashamed of. In fact, you should be proud that you've started taking on more responsibilities and you're one of the people who help shape your nights out, so cheers to that!

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