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In Focus: Dramatic K-Pop Group Exits We Still Talk About Today

In Focus: Dramatic K-Pop Group Exits We Still Talk About Today



You don't have to be a K-pop fan to know how hard group exits and disbandments can be. If you were saddened by the news of founding members Josh and Zac Farro leaving Paramore years ago, then can you imagine the pain that K-pop fans feel when their favorite groups break up?

We know that our favorite groups and members will have to take their final bow someday. And while members exits are expected in an industry as competitive and tiring as this, we've listed down the most dramatic K-pop group exits that have left the biggest scars in our fangirl hearts.

1. Girls' Generation/SNSD

OT9 was basically a vocal powerhouse but, since the debut, Jessica has proved herself to be one of the pillars that raised the standards of Girls' Generation's performances at least one bar higher than any other girl group. It was devastating to hear SM Entertainment and the group's decision to let her go in 2014 especially when the group was at an all time high, dropping one hit song after another. Until now, the fans are torn among themselves, unsure whether Jessica was actually the problem or the victim. However, there's one thing all SONEs can agree on: SNSD's vocal dynamics will never be the same. 

2. 4Minute

4minute was yet another group who fell victim to what fans call the "7-year jinx." As all members' contracts expired in 2016, only HyunA re-signed with Cube as the rest walked away from the label altogether. Fingers immediately pointed to HyunA who was blamed for casting a shadow over the other members which supposedly resulted in the members unfollowing her on social media and in their music career. However, an expert reveals that while the four other members already had their respective futures in mind, and the real problem was a financial one rooted within the higher-ups of the label.


SM Entertainment has always been infamous for the poor treatment and unjust division of income of their talents. The label has been sued several times but when Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu (JYJ) filed a lawsuit against SME, the trio's exit became one of the biggest controversies in the K-pop industry. The case lasted for half a year and fans welcomed 2010 with the devastating news of the group's hiatus. Though TVXQ continued as a duo after the year-long hiatus, Cassiopeias still felt heartbroken after seeing that only less than half of the group was left. 

4. EXO

No matter how many members bow out of the group, you will always remember the first one who walked away. What's painful about Kris' departure was the fact that 1. he was the member of the Mandarin sub-group of EXO and; 2). they were in midst of preparing for their first solo concert ever. To no one's surprise, prior to leaving the group, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to try to get out of the label's overbearing contract. Months later, he revealed on a Chinese talk show that he left for the fact that his tight schedule kept him from spending time with his family. His departure was soon followed by Luhan and later on by Tao.

5. 2NE1

Perhaps the most iconic name to ever emerge in the K-pop scene, 2NE1's disbandment in 2016 shook the entire planet. And though we all know that Bom was already in hiatus for a long time and CL had already began a solo career in the U.S., it still wasn't enough to cushion the blow for Blackjacks when YG announced that it was finally over for the group. But despite the drama involving Bom and Minzy causing the disbandment, we are still thankful that three of the four members still managed to perform for us one last time to give us all the farewell and closure we deserve.

Whatever the true reason behind their decision to leave the group or breakup once and for all, all we can do is support them from the other side of the screen. We can never thank them enough for the time and the effort they dedicated to making us fans happy. Which group disbandment hit you the hardest? Pour out all your feels by leaving a comment down below!

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