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In Focus: We're All 'Marupok' When It Comes To The Person We Like—Here Are 9 Signs You Can't Deny

In Focus: We're All 'Marupok' When It Comes To The Person We Like—Here Are 9 Signs You Can't Deny



When you share a special, private moment with a person, sometimes you end up getting attached faster than you can attach a Word document to an e-mail. Maybe it was the way they made you feel at the moment or the way they looked at you after it happened.

Whatever it is that got you hooked on that person, you will basically show the same symptoms as everyone else who has fallen into the state of being marupok. If you've feel like you've begun falling for someone overnight and your heart suddenly feels fragile, then you'll probably know what we're talking about. There's no judgement here, promise!

1. You see them everywhere. The funny thing is if you two bonded over rootbeer floats, you'll be noticing a lot more people drinking rootbeer floats everywhere you go! Did he wear a beanie? Did she wear a choker? Well, get ready because you're about to see a lot of whatever reminds you of them!

2. Suddenly, all the songs are about that person. One day, the songs mean nothing to you. The next, you're belting out the most painful lines with their face in mind! All those songs will begin to make sense, and you'll find yourself tweeting the lyrics over and over again subtly hoping that they would notice.

3. You begin stalking them on social media for signs of how they feel about you. This is the modern version of asking his friend, "Did they say anything about me?" You try to find anything they post that could remotely relate to you, whether it's a hugot quote or an article about a movie that you love that, well, they probably didn't even remember you mentioned during one of your small talks. Great.

4. You find it hard to keep yourself from contacting them. You constantly find yourself looking through your messages and debating whether you should initiate a conversation or not. You even consider sending them a message that's "meant for someone else" just to get it started!

5. You open their message as soon as you can and reply at once. There, there. We all know you can't hold it out for another five minutes especially if you've been for their text all week. And once you get the conversation going, you're never the one who leave the other person "seenzoned," either.

6. You find "meaning" in every little thing they do. It seems as though every look they throw at your direction or every social media reaction from them means that they could proooobablyyyy be into you, too. Since they viewed your Instagram stories, maybe it means that they're constantly wondering about you, right? Right???

7. They're the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up. Whether you like it or not, you end up thinking about no one else but that person. It's so ridiculous that you're almost tempted to rip the hair out of your scalp just to get them out of your head. *Sigh* If only you didn't enjoy the very thought of them so much...

8. Hindi mo sila matiis. No matter how hard you tell yourself that you have to avoid them, you just can't help but run back to their arms whenever they seem to need a bit of your attention. Whether it's replying to their messages without hesitation or being by their side when they need a shoulder to lean on, you just have to be there for them. And no one can stop you if they tried.

9. You end up telling them how you feel. When the feeling becomes too strong as if they've taken over your entire existence, you end up spilling your guts no matter how hard the consequence may be. Worst case scenario is that it's not mutual, but at least you finally got it out of your chest and you can now peacefully move on with your life. ...Or not!

If you get attached too fast, there's nothing to worry about. As long as you don't destroy any relationships or end up hurting anyone, maybe it's worth a shot. Just be sure to landi responsibly and be ready to shield yourself from possible heartaches! Best of luck, warriors!

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