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What’s Behind The TV Shows Your Children Watch?

What’s Behind The TV Shows Your Children Watch?

For shows to be watched specially by children with relatively short attention span, they must have this certain kind of formula to be engaging but at the same time educational; to be entertaining but at the same time uniquely interesting.         

Dora the Explorer is perhaps one of the most well-known pre-school shows today. Designed for pre-schoolers that aim to encourage its kiddie audience to sing and dance, Dora the Explorer is an overall play-along quest to help Dora finish a challenge. The show also features bilingual language allowing its young viewers to learn basic Spanish phrases and other cultures.

However, the magic formula of the show lies in its one-of-a-kind episode format:

1. An episode always begins with a goal that is stated at the outset. This is when Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map and the audience go on an adventure! The goal is either a problem, puzzle or game that is relatable for children.

2. After the ultimate goal is stated, Map shows the way to go. The kids at home are shown the obstacles they will need to overcome to get to the final location!

3. Dora needs the viewers’ help to overcome obstacles by solving puzzles, singing songs or otherwise interacting directly with the show to overcome challenges. Don't be surprised if your child starts jumping and dancing along with Dora and her animal friends.

4. Arriving at the final destination, Dora and Boots celebrate completing their mission. They thank their friends – the home viewers – for helping, and sing the celebratory “We Did It! Lo Hicimos!" song.

Dora the Explorer may have its own working formula that will send your children to some wide-eyed wonder adventure. However at the end of the day, the only formula that worked then and will work n0w, is that if it makes your children better—be it physically, emotionally, socially, morally, or intellectually.

From TV and now onto the stage, you may catch Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer LIVE! Search for the City of Lost Toys as they come to Manila this October 9 and 11, 2015 at the Meralco Theater. Featuring an 8-year old Dora who leads the audience through a grand adventure to find her lost teddy bear Osito, the show would also carry well-known songs from the Dora the Explorer TV show as well as brand new songs created just for the stage show performed by full-costumed characters!

For tickets and information, you may call 470-2222 or book your ticket online at Come on, Vamonos!





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