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In Focus: Achievable New Year's Resolutions You Should Replace Your Old Ones With

In Focus: Achievable New Year's Resolutions You Should Replace Your Old Ones With



It's easy to dream big when you're listing your New Year's resolutions down, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that we tend to forget that we are also accountable to a lot of stuff aside from our new goals. The key to a successful New Year's resolution is to make sure it's realistically achievable and worth your time! And to help you taper your 2018 goals, we listed down feasible resolutions to replace your same old ones with! Here's to the New You!

The Same Old: "Work out everyday."
The Achievable: Always take the stairs.

The most popular New Year's resolution is to stay fit and healthy. But we all know the struggle of sticking to a routine, so don't hate yourself if you always fail at going to the gym regularly. If you're having a hard time, start with small physical activities that can be a part of your daily life like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. With this, you will be able to lose that extra weight that you gained from all those holiday feasts!

The Same Old: "Let go of toxic people."
The Achievable: Have a social media detox.

Letting go of toxic people is hard even though you know that these people are not good for your life. It's a process—perhaps, a long one. So you can start off with something easier and achievable like avoiding them on social media. It's as easy as tapping that Mute or Unfollow button to give you back your sanity.

The Same Old: "Cook my own meals."
The Achievable: Try a new recipe every week.

Cooking your own meals won't just make you a domestic wonder but will also allow you to save up if you're frequently eating out. But let's be honest, popping leftovers into the microwave oven or frying breakfast food every day aren't really "cooking." So to actually gain cooking skills, put extra effort in by learning new recipes that aren't just delicious but also healthy. Why not get yourself a cookbook or subscribe to a new food channel on YouTube? Go ahead, and bring out your inner chef this year!

The Same Old: "Stick to a diet."
The Achievable: "Drink plenty of water every day."

Drinking lots of water is a well-known beneficial habit. If you're doing a lot of work every day that includes thinking and moving a lot, it's best to not go on a diet because it might reduce your energy. It's never ideal to decrease your food intake when your active body needs a lot of protein. What you can do is to drink more water daily to give your body an extra energy all throughout the day. Sometimes, you're not really hungry—you're just stressed, bored, and thirsty!

The Same Old: "Quit smoking."
The Achievable: Stop buying packs of cigarettes.

We know it's hard to give up a habit that you got used to for so long, so don't beat yourself up just because you can't properly break your smoking habit yet. Something that can help you is not buying packs of cigarettes. If you want to smoke, you will need to ask your smoker friends to give you some instead. Most probably, the time will come that you will be wary to ask them for more which will totally lessen your cigarette intake!


The Same Old: "Meet up with all my friends and family."
The Achievable: Check in at least once a month.

What are social media apps for, right? If you can't meet your friends and relatives regularly because school or work has taken over your life, take a breather and keep in touch by having a chat with them once in a while. Don't let your relationships fall apart just because you're drowning with work. Make sure to let your loved ones know that you're still there especially whenever they need you.


The Same Old: "Be fluent in a foreign language."
The Achievable: "Learn basic foreign phrases."

Learning a new language is beneficial if you're dreaming of migrating to a certain country. But if the millennial in you wants to travel to different points of the globe this year, learning basic phrases in multiple languages can surely come in handy! How about you learn how to open a conversation in French or ask directions in Japanese by the end of the month? Much better, right?

The Same Old: "Visit tons of foreign countries."
The Achievable: Travel locally.

If traveling around the world is free, most of us won't probably be here right now. However, traveling takes a lot of commitment—from taking leave from your responsibilities to saving up loads of cash to fund your trip. So if you're a novice traveler, you can opt to go on trips that won't take a lot of planning time or ones that are spontaneous even! There are lots of gorgeous spots here in the Philippines that would only require a roadtrip or a cheaper plane ticket. Going to the beach is a popular choice because our country will never run out of such beauties. But hiking has also become a thing among millennials today, so why not assemble your squad and trek up to your first peak this year?


We hope that this list helped you decide on achievable resolutions that won't give you stress, pressure, and self-doubt. Start the year with a positive mindset and a goal-digger attitude, and live a happier and healthier life in 2018! Cheers to that!

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