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In Focus: 5 Things We All Miss During The Holidays Because We’re Adults Now

In Focus: 5 Things We All Miss During The Holidays Because We’re Adults Now



Christmas, as they say, will always be the most wonderful time of the year. Most of us, regardless of what age we're at, are excited to celebrate the holidays—the time when families joyously get together and friends delightedly catch up on each other.

But let’s face it, as we grow older, especially when we've already stepped into adulthood, some things during the holidays may have changed a little. Christmas will always be a fun time full of good memories. But as adults, here are some of the things we get excited about when we were kids that we all miss now:

1.  Santa’s gifts at midnight

Probably one of the most exciting things about Christmas as kids was waiting for Santa Claus’ gifts and getting them when the clock strikes at midnight. This used to be our parents’ strategy when it comes to giving us our much-awaited gifts. But now that we’ve reached adulthood, we all know that Santa was never real and we barely receive gifts from elders anymore!

2. Those red envelopes A.K.A. ang pao

Other than the dozens of toys and other goodies kids receive as gifts, money envelopes are also being handed during Christmas—all coming from ninongs and ninangs as well as other elders in our family. We’re able to save up then. But as we grow older, we no longer receive money envelopes because it has now become our duty to hand them to the younger kids. 


3.     Song and dance number in family reunions

No family reunion would be complete without the song and dance number from the kids. They will always be a source of entertainment, given the fact that kids are instantly the bundle of joy in such occasions. Even if we think it was embarrassing back then, we have to admit it’s actually kind of fun, too!


4. Our Ninongs and Ninangs

Being grownups means having way more responsibilities than when we were younger. This also means not having enough time to spend with our dear ninongs and ninangs during the holidays or any other time of the year at all! Yup, a busy schedule has already become unavoidable at this point of our lives! 

5. Longer holiday breaks

Gone are the days when our school breaks would last for a week or more during this season. Thanks to our jobs, we only get to take a couple of days off, and some are even required to work during the holidays! Boo!  


Christmas is indeed a perfect time to look back on all the childhood memories that we dearly miss. And even though it may sound a lot more fun and exciting to kids, it is still and will always be a happy holiday for everyone.

Share your favorite childhood memory during the holidays in the comments section below!

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