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In Focus: Once 'Lost' In The Music Scene, Yuzon Looks Into Being Global OPM's Newest Muse

In Focus: Once 'Lost' In The Music Scene, Yuzon Looks Into Being Global OPM's Newest Muse

Most people don’t know what their passions are until later in life, but there are the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to figure this out at an early age. Singer-songwriter and overall performer Bianca Yuzon was already well aware of her creative side at an early age. From writing poetry to theater acting, to fashion design and music, Bianca now looks to find a bigger stage to share what she can do.

Coming from a talented family, her grandmother being an opera singer and her grandfather Amado Yuzon being an internationally known literary figure, it could be safe to say that Bianca took after her kin. She was indeed raised in an environment conducive to exercising creativity, so it came unsurprising that she would eventually find her way into doing music.

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“Since I was young, I’ve always known that I’d be in the creative arts, but music was always my number one love. I wrote my first book of poetry when I was seven. And those poems eventually evolved into songs. But it was only in college when I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

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However, it wasn’t all too easy for Bianca to get to where she is now. Growing up being well-immersed in her craft, it was only through time that she would discover her identity as an individual performer.

“Throughout grade school until college, I was in several rock bands. I was the lead singer of a band for a long time and we did all kinds of rock. But it was only when we disbanded that I found my real sound. When we disbanded, I felt so low because there was no one around you. You had to sit down, stare at yourself, be your own best friend, and critique and listen to yourself. That was when I realized that my vocal tone, my quality had grown, and that I sounded different.”

Self-discovery was only the first step in a long way of building her music and herself as a brand. What many don’t realize is that there is so much more to singing, as a professional performer. And especially being an independent artist, Bianca had to hustle not only in the Philippines. She had to look for opportunities abroad.

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“When you are an indie artist, you do what it takes to get your music out there. I was managing myself and I would send out my songs to labels or to anyone who would be interested in hearing them. Before I went abroad, I tried it out here with my bandmates. We were doing radio shows, but I didn't feel like my music was being appreciated. There were labels interested in managing me, but they always wanted to change my sound. So, I went to the UK, and that was where I really felt appreciated.”

Being true to her own style paid in dividends, as her music would now be recognized by upcoming record label Tarsier Records, led by Chris Lopez. With a clear direction, she now looks to conquering bigger things.

“When I came back here, Star music arranged a meeting with me. They introduced me to Chris, and when I met Chris, I was just blown away by his work and what he’s done with other artists. He’s an amazing producer, and the quality of the music in the label, is international-ready. I felt that my music finally found a home.”

Already settling in well with Chris and the rest of Tarsier Records, Bianca sees the boundless opportunities she has with her new team. With her newfound confidence, she looks into not only making a mark on the world stage, but to also act as an inspiration to other local artists.

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“My dream is to keep doing what I love, to make music the way I want to do it. To get our music out there, globally, and to inspire other Filipino artists to dream bigger.”

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Produced by Julia Arenas | Creative Direction by Barry Viloria | Photographs by Vyn Radovan & Lui Jimenez | Makeup by BYS Cosmetics: Charlie Manapat, Maui Manalo, and CAS: Anna Patricia Andan, Noelle Tumacas, Jana Evardone, Evelyn Dischosa | Styling by Jhelo Cristobal @jhelocristobal, Tricia Ramos @TrishDenise, and Barry Viloria | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: Shot on location at Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City

Special Thanks to: Tricia Rodriguez of BYS Cosmetics, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Misa Ocampo of Circuit Makati, Lani Tabije-Bernal and Yanna Bromeo of Greenbulb PR, and Forever 21 




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