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In Focus: 6 Struggles Millennial 'Ninongs' and 'Ninangs' Can Totally Relate To

In Focus: 6 Struggles Millennial 'Ninongs' and 'Ninangs' Can Totally Relate To



'Tis the season of gift-giving, and if you're already at that age where you no longer receive aguinaldos and instead have started to give them out to the younger generation yourself, then welcome to the club! Whether you remember attending a child's christening or not, you're automatically a Ninong or Ninang come Christmas season!

And because, we millennials do struggle with adulting most of the time, giving out gifts to our pamangkin and inaanak isn't always easy. Here, we list down every millennial godparent can relate to during the holidays!

1. #MoneyProblems

Being a young millennial who's just starting your adult life, it is understandable that you don't have much savings yet. Your 13th month pay (if you even have one) is suddenly allocated to your gifts for everyone especially for your inaanaks. You end up not buying yourself anything for Christmas because such is the sad life of being young and broke.

2. You can't decide whether you should buy actual gifts or just give them cash.

We know you're thinking the same thing: if you give cash, there's a possibility that the kids wouldn't enjoy the money themselves and might simply end up in their parents' budget for the holidays. (LOL!) But, on the other hand, giving them fun gifts would entail that you have to go the mall during the Christmas rush which is an actual battlefield by definition. Which one would it be?

3. Kids are hella picky and clever these days.

We all know that kids nowadays are more spoiled than how we used to be during our younger years. They're more specific when it comes to what toy they want to receive, and they even expect bigger aguinaldos than we can afford to give. Nope, your smaller bills won't cut it!

4. You end up borrowing money from your parents.

When you run out of cash and an unexpected inaanak suddenly pops up on your doorstep, your mom and dad will be there to save Christmas! Of course, you promise to pay them back when the next sweldo day arrives in the New Year.

5. Everyone can easily track you down because of your social media posts.

I’m sure the parents of your godchild will make sure that you’re at home before they risk wasting time going to your house. How would they know? Imagine your kumare saying, “20 minutes ago last Instagram story ng ninang mo, tara na anak!” 

6. Christmas ain't over until it's over.

You really can’t escape the perils of having godchild this early in your life. Godchildren are like your psycho ex who can't seem to let go. They've given hints as early as Simbang Gabi started and hunted you down on Christmas Day through the New Year. And just when you think your savings are already safe, another one would knock on your door just before the season ends during the feast of the Three Kings! And the bonus part? They'd remind you of their birthday, so you won't forget to buy them a gift! Yup, it never ends.

Friends, there's really no escaping adulthood. But even though you couldn't buy your godchildren the grandest  of gifts this Christmas, what's important is that you've already bought yourself a ticket to your fave artist's concert next year. ...Wait, what? Just kidding! Happy holidays to the real MVPs of Christmas, the millennials who purge their small savings just to be in the spirit of giving! 'Til next year!

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