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In Focus: K-Drama 'Kontrabidas' We Love To Hate

In Focus: K-Drama 'Kontrabidas' We Love To Hate



In a drama, it's impossible to create a gripping story without a mean character. So it's no surprise that devious kontrabidas don't only exist in Philippine teleseryes, but also in our beloved K-Dramas! Yes, we do love to hate them because of their scrimpy actions towards the lead characters. Still, these outstandingly portrayed antagonists deserve the spotlight every now and then! 

Here, we listed down our favorite K-drama kontrabidas who we wish we'd never cross paths with in real life! 

1. Cheese In The Trap's Baek In Ha

Before we fell in love with Lee Sung Kyung's character as Kim Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, she first acted as the spoiled, manipulative girl Baek In Ha in Cheese In The Trap who is someone completely different from our lovable and selfless Bok Joo. Baek In Ha acts crazy most of the time; especially when she doesn't get what she wants, including the guy she likes. She's materialistic and vile, an absolute kontrabida we can't help but despise! 

2. The Heirs' Rachel Yoo

The sophisticated heiress of RS International Rachel Yoo played by Kim Ji Won is Jeguk High School's very own Paris Hilton. She's the kind of kontrabida that you will only hate for her actions towards the bida, but love because of how girl crush material she is! She dislikes the show's heroine Cha Eun Sang (portrayed by Park Shin Hye) because her fiancée is in love with he and has tried to break the two apart multiple times. But what makes Rachel Yoo different from the other kontrabidas is that she's not only recognized for her beauty and wealth, but also for her astounding intelligence. Not to mention, she can speak three languages, Korean, English, and Japanese!

3. The Heirs' Choi Young Do

Another one from The Heirs, Choi Young Do who is portrayed by Kim Woo Bin is the complete opposite of Rachel when it comes to being a kontrabida. Though they both want Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan to break up, Choi Young Do is the most volatile character in The Heirs. He's manipulative and violent towards most people but is actually fragile on the inside. He has reasons as to why he does mean things, including the fact that he was not taken care well by his parents, something that makes you think if he's really a kontrabida or another second leading guy who deserves better. 

4. Dream High's Go Hye-mi

Bae Suzy's character Go Hye Mi is actually the female lead in the drama but you would think that she's the antagonist because of a betrayal she caused in the first episode. She's straightforward, sassy, and quite full of herself which are traits you wouldn't usually find in leads. She has her own greedy ways to fulfill her dream to become a singer, but she has her reasons which you will surely understand as the story unfolds. What we love about Go Hye Mi is her superb character development throughout the drama!

5. Princess Hours' Min Hyo Rin

Actress Song Ji Hyo is widely known for her role as the talented ballet dancer named Min Hyo Rin. In Princess Hours, she's the ex-lover of Crown Prince Lee Shin. She was supposed to be betrothed to him, but refused his proposal because she wants to continue pursuing her dreams as a ballerina which she regrets on. Her evil plots against Lee Shin and Chae-kyeong never fail to get on our nerves! Who can forget that time she overdosed herself from pills just to get Lee Shin's sympathy and persuade Chae-kyeong to give him back to her? That's the true mark of a crazy kontrabida!

6. While You Were Sleeping's Lee Yoo-bum

Lee Yoo-bum played by Lee Sang Yeob is a prosecutor turned lawyer who plays dirty with his cases. He fabricates his clients' evidence to make them look innocent to the point that he's willing to hurt the people who trusts him, which is one of the reasons why most culprits go to him. He's the kind of kontrabida that you will really despise throughout the drama because he doesn't feel any remorse toward his horrible actions at all!

These characters may have brought the worst in us, but we want to say, "Kudos," to the actors who played these heartless roles so well. Do you love to hate these K-drama kontrabidas as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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