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In Focus: Why We Love Yassi Pressman

In Focus: Why We Love Yassi Pressman

Nothing’s gonna stop us from fangirling over Yassi Pressman. Apart from her solid acting chops and unbeatable swag on the dance floor, this Kapamilya actress also got us stalking her feed (sorry, we just can’t help it). We found more reasons to love this young lady—and we’re hoping these photos will convince you to join the #YassiForever fandom, too!

1. She’s not afraid to go barefaced—and this photo shows how effortlessly beautiful she is.


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2. And when she gets all dolled up, just…WOW.


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3. Did we mention that she’s one of our fave #Fitspos? She constantly strives to become a better version of herself. And that toned body says a lot about her dedication.


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But enough about her looks. Let’s talk about how ultra-talented she is, shall we?


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Her #YassInMotion dance videos are totes yas-sizzling. But this video where she’s showing off her talent in singing is pretty amazing as well!


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When Yassi’s not busy making us jealous (unintentionally, of course) with her awesome life, this girl makes it a point to show the world how much she loves her fambam!


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And just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, she motivates us to get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. As she said on this post, “Why cage yourself when the world is your playground?” #YassKween


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Yassi’s someone who isn’t afraid to take on challenges anyway. She’s always a go-getter and ready to step up her game.

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