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In Focus: #RosesForJongHyun—Our Favorite Moments With Our Bling Bling Kim Jonghyun

In Focus: #RosesForJongHyun—Our Favorite Moments With Our Bling Bling Kim Jonghyun



Regardless of what fandom you're in, Shawol or not, the whole K-pop industry mourns about the passing of SHINee's lead vocalist Kim Jonghyun on Monday, December 18. The singer died at the age of 27, leaving a suicide note to his close friend, Dear Cloud's Nine9, and revealing his long-term battle with depression.

While our hearts are still shattered by this news, we look back at the best moments of Jonghyun's career that made us love him in such a way words can't even describe. Here, we list down a few pieces of memories that we will always remember about K-pop's beloved Kim Jonghyun.

 1. His appa moments in Hello Baby 

Hello Baby was one of the reality shows that paved SHINee's way to stardom. In the show, the group was able to experience parenthood by caring for a four-year-old boy named Yoogeun. 

In this series, we saw that the SHINee members are absolutely appa material, especially Jonghyun who always wanted to be picked as Yoogeun's favorite daddy. The viewers also paired him up with co-member Key as a couple with Jonghyun as the appa and Key as the omma. We will never forget Jonghyun's sweetness and how he somehow shared a piece of his heart with us in this reality show.

2. Whenever he showed superior vocal skills in each of his performances

Jonghyun was known as one of the K-pop idols who had an incredible vocal range. He was praised for his flawless voice by various idols like 2NE1's Dara, who described Jonghyun as a young boy who has monstrous lungs, and Super Junior's Yesung, who listed Jonghyun as one of SM Entertainment's top five vocalists. Even his peers in the industry admired him, proving to us that his talent as a musician was unquestionable.

3.  His endearing humor in Weekly Idol

Aside from his strong vocals, Jonghyun was also well loved for his humorous personality that even the hosts and crew of Weekly Idol, a famous variety show in Korea, labeled him as one of the idols who made the show's ratings increase during his guesting. He also started a new gag in the show called "Serious Look Gag" where he would say something funny with a serious face.

4. The Jonghyun game in Knowing Bros

In the variety show Knowing Bros, there was a segment where the guest would ask the cast to guess something about them, may it be an experience or a habit. Being the fun master that he was, Jonghyun suggested to play a new game where the guest would sing one character or word from the song, then the cast would guess the song by continuing to sing it. The guest should not be off beat which was something that Jonghyun was a pro at. Knowing Bros made it an official segment that was played with succeeding guests including SISTAR's Hyorin.

5. When he released his first album 

Jonghyun made his solo debut in January 2015 with his first album entitled Base. Unlike most artists, Jonghyun was greatly hands-on in the production of his solo endeavor. He even collaborated with various artists outside his agency like Younha and Zion T which was highly criticized by K-netizens.

But despite the negative feedback, the album did surprisingly well in the Korean digital charts and peaked at number one on Billboard's World Albums chart during its release, proving to us that Jonghyun was and will always be a true and talented artist at heart.

There's no question about Jonghyun's impactful presence in the K-pop industry which intensifies our sadness about his passing even more. Every Shawol is truly thankful for his dedication and ability to inspire through his music and his heart. 

You did well, Jonghyun. Now you can rest in peace. You will forever be missed. 

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