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Losing Weight and being Fit is NOT Hard, after all

Losing Weight and being Fit is NOT Hard, after all

We all see those fitspiration photos and heard all of these diet trends, yet still we could not find the right way in getting fit. Maybe we lack some motivation and inspiration to lose weight, or that there are reasons why we still remain the same and still can’t lose those pounds.

In reality, losing weight is not a hard task; what is more challenging is to be disciplined and determined enough to lose weight. Here are some basic ways to lose weight, as said by Iza Calzado, who has basically tried everything until she found what works best for her:

Discipline is key. “A lot of workout and a lot of discipline,” Iza emphasizes as what does work for her in maintaining her current figure. “It’s a lot of work [needed] to maintain it [my figure],” Iza adds.

As for her workout, Iza recommends to limit one’s workout to an hour a day, and that it is better to focus on intensity-based workouts for effective fat-burning. “The body only identifies the intensity [of the workout] when it comes to fat burning,” Iza said, as told to her by her trainer.

Know your ingredients. Iza does point out that there are several factors in losing weight, and one of them is by being mindful of carbohydrates, especially white sugar, and dairy. “You get bloated from [consuming] dairy [products], she adds.

In addition, she rarely has pasta and bread, but she avoids cakes more as they are chock full of sugar and dairy products. Another food item to avoid as Iza said is processed food. “I try to eat clean most of the time,” she said.

There is no shortcut to losing weight. Iza tried a lot of methods in losing weight, and her biggest regret was when she resorted to cosmetic surgery in order to lose those pounds. It may be recalled that Iza underwent liposuction twice, once in 2006 and another in 2008 as she shared with her weight loss journey.

“You can’t undo it,” Iza explains why resorting to cosmetic surgery lists up as among her top regrets in losing weight.

There’s no singular effective diet trend. Even with those fad diets coming out, Iza emphasizes that there is no singular diet trend that is effective. “Just because something works for a person does not mean it’s the one for you”

 “There’s always room for improvement in tweaking our lifestyles, and I am still on that path,” she said.

The best person to know about your body is yourself. “At the end of the day, you should listen to your body,” Iza emphasizes as one of the most important things to do in order to effectively lose weight and be fit.

“I’m still tweaking my diet, discovering new things, unlearning and relearning new philosophies, ideologies, [and] theories,” she adds.




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