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Amor and Claudia's Style Upgrades Are Your Modern Day Power Dressing Pegs (UPDATED)

Amor and Claudia's Style Upgrades Are Your Modern Day Power Dressing Pegs (UPDATED)

Besides giving birth to a loveteam that became the benchmark for the loveteams to exist in the years to come, Pangako Sa’Yo changed the way we look at kontrabidas: Far from their borderline witchy counterparts of yore, Pangako Sa’Yo’s Amor and Claudia proved that feisty looks even better when you’ve got a signature fierce look down pat. Played by Eula Valdez, the Amor Powers of the original Pangako Sa’Yo was into power dressing all throughout, often decked in polished suit ensembles and corpo-chic or modish dresses. Jean Garcia’s Madame Claudia Buenavista, on the other hand, embodied a true blue society queen in her lavish outfits and jewels.

This time around, as Jodi Sta. Maria and Angelica Panganiban breathe new life into these beloved teleserye characters, Amor and Claudia’s fashion sensibilities also get a fresh spin. “When Pangako Sa’Yo first aired, celebrity fashion stylists did not exist yet, it was the production designer who handled the styling. My role now is to make sure that the new Amor and Claudia are more fashion forward—and of course their body types are different from the old version so I need to adjust the look,” says Pangako Sa’Yo head stylist and Metro Magazine’s Creative Director, Rex Atienza.

To highlight the character differences of Amor and Claudia, Rex does lots of contrast in styling: Solids versus prints, flowy versus structured, classic versus trendy. This was already evident in the looks of their younger selves in the first few episodes, with Amor sticking to sweet country lass outfits, and Claudia going for loud and sexy pieces. “Jodi will evolve as a strong fashion force gearing towards the classic cut but with a twist, while Angelica will flourish into a fashion diva wearing the most interesting prints and patterns that are very romantic but modern at the same time.”

Amor and Claudia's fashion evolutions get more and more exciting throughout the course of the show—every night is a visual feast of fashion’s finest, from the biggest local designers to high end foreign brands—inspiring you to take things a notch higher when it comes to dressing up. Amor's classic style, characterized by minimalist ensembles and high end bags and her signature pearls, is a great peg for women professionals, while Claudia's loud and luxe looks are ideal for those who love indulging in bling and embellishments.

The styles of these two power women gets hotter and hotter, just like their memorable dialogue exchanges and character developments, so you can definitely expect a a more intense, more powerful fashion showdown from them in the teleserye.





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