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Hot Stuff: Come De-Stress With Liza Soberano At Her Newly Opened Spa!

Hot Stuff: Come De-Stress With Liza Soberano At Her Newly Opened Spa!


It's safe to say that Liza Soberano is everyone's all-around sweetheart! With that undeniable charm and talent, it's no surprise why she's one of the country's most sought-after in TV, film, and brand endorsements. To add to the many hats she wears, Liza is also in business now. And it's one pretty much in line with her being our fave beauty peg!

While most celebrities have launched their own fashion or beauty lines, Liza obviously focused on something much closer to her. Last December 10, Darna opened her very own wellness sanctuary, HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness Spa located along Tomas Morato Ave. Quezon City.

HOPE all started with Liza's fascination with nail salons in her younger years, so it was inevitable for a dream.

She explained, "I've found more purpose behind it because I want to be able to use this platform to share with everyone that idea that taking care of ourselves physically, holistically, and spiritually should be part of our daily routine."

Call Liza selfish, but HOPE—her namesake, if you still don't get it—aims at being more than just a haven for her kaartehan.

"Basically, it’s more about personal intent. Whenever I come home after a long day at work, I would always go to a spa to get a massage. I was always thinking of ways of how I would relax or unwind," she said.


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Liza got more technical about the mission and vision of her spa. As someone so workaholic so much so she usually suffers overfatigue, she said, "Our hands and feet are what we use to interact with the people around us so sila 'yung pinakanaabuso natin; hindi natin napapansin in time na we’re not taking care of them. This is why I wanted to focus on the hands and feet first. And hopefully, once we really get to study more and we're ready, we’re going to offer more treatments."

Turning only 20 in January, Liza considers this business venture rather scary yet memorable for her. She's not one to encourage young people like her to invest. "Plan it through. If you really believe in it and you’re confident about it, then go through with it. There are some people who are just scared of failing, but there’s no harm in trying. Just carefully plan it out and see it through."

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