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In Focus: 8 Really Annoying Questions That Will Trigger Any Student On #ThesisMode!

In Focus: 8 Really Annoying Questions That Will Trigger Any Student On #ThesisMode!


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent



Where do we even begin? The sleepless nights, the stress eating, the caffeine slurping, the books read and the piles next to it waiting to flipped, the eyes drying and turning red just staring blankly at your drafts, the #fomo feels after ditching a night-out with your 'kada, the times you questioned a lot about life and even religion (not an exaggeration, TBH), and more of those sleepless nights. Are you or your friends in the middle of extinguishing the hellish thesis fire that's (almost) ruining your college life? You'll definitely relate to the following questions often but better not to be asked while on #thesismode!

1. How’s your thesis?


Hearing this question especially when you’re on a sanity break makes you want to cry. It’s even worse when your friends have crystal clear plans about their thesis already and all you have is a one-paragraph introduction of your topic.

2. Are you free tonight for a hangout?

“What is free time?”

Doing an undergraduate thesis will make you give up your social life and you just have to accept it. The terms “free time” and “hangout” are out of your vocabulary and you have no idea when you’re going to get it back. At this time of your life, caffeine, the librarian, and your thesis adviser will be your only friends.

3. How about tomorrow?

“I have no time to chill.”

Sometimes, you’ll appreciate your friends who continuously invite you to eat out or hangout but often times, you want to crush them for making kulit when they know you have a lot of thesis stuff to do and deadlines to meet.

4. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend now?

“Social life nga wala. Love life pa kaya?”

Love life is another concept out of your vocabulary because you’re committed, in a relationship, engaged, and married (all at the same time) to your thesis. Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is the least of your priorities.

5. Sabaw ka ba?

“No... Sabaw is an understatement.”

Asking this question is like asking if the sun is going to shine tomorrow. Most likely, the answer is a doubtless “Yes!” no matter how hard you try to hide your current state of mind.

6. How’s your sleep?

*Death glare with matching eyebags*

Writing a thesis often equates to sacrificing your once healthy sleeping habits. When someone asks you about your sleep, you don’t know how to reply because you really didn’t get any. Your eyebags are proof!

7. When is your deadline?


There are times when even in your *short* sleep, your deadlines haunt you. And, it’s worse when even the people around you ask about it, too. What’s even more triggering is when they drop the “Are you going to make it to your deadline?” bomb.

8. When is your graduation?


Seriously, make it stop! For you, graduation is still a long way to go, especially if you still got twenty more revisions to make. But, if you have to get there crawling over broken glass, then that's the way it is. You know you'll get there eventually. Kapit lang!

Writing your thesis may be the hardest part of your undergraduate life, with all the pressure, anxiety and breakdowns, but keep in mind that all the hard work you put on that study will pay off. Repeat after us: "I WILL FINISH MY THESIS, AND I WILL GRADUATE ON TIME!"

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