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In Focus: 8 Real Signs You're Already 'Adulting'

In Focus: 8 Real Signs You're Already 'Adulting'



When we were kids, all we could think of was being a grown up. We looked forward to the days when we could finally get out of school and be the person we always wanted to be. But, now that we are actually facing the adulthood we've always dreamed of, we are slapped by the reality of it all, and now all we want to do is go back to being kids again with zero responsibility and without a care in the world.

If you're currently going through that stage we all call "adulting," then these signs might feel all too familiar to you!

1. We find ways to have fun without spending too much. The number one issue we face as young adults is keeping our budget on track. Gone are the days when we can just rely on our parents for our baon. Now that we earn money on our own, we finally see the value of it. But, as much as possible, we see to it that we don't sacrifice our social life! Doing things the cheaper way, therefore, is a must. The most important thing is the company we spend our time with, not the fancy places we can go to or the expensive activities we can experience. Remember: It is always quality over anything!

2. We make actual plans rather than going on spontaneous HOHOLs. When your workload starts piling up and your calender gets filled with meetings and work-related events, you're left with zero time (and energy!) for those spontaneous hang-outs with your friends. Now, you and your squad have to plan every single hangout you’ll commit to. Sometimes, you even need to flake! But thankfully, your friends understand because they're going through the same level of stress, too!

3. We now use our phone’s calendar feature. To be honest, we never really cared about our phone’s calendar. The date on our lock screen was enough for us to know the date, right? Now that we are trying to be adults, we utilize this function more than ever. We now put every single appointment we have, whether it's a meeting or a coffee date with our best friend. Time management is a serious skill we've all grown to acquire!

4. You’re too busy to save cellphone numbers. There will come a time when you are scrolling through your messages and phone call history and wonder, “Who the hell are they?” You will be greeted by nameless numbers with no idea how, where, and when you acquired them. You simply know that they know you, and you probably know them, too. You get so busy with life that saving a phone number would slip your mind!

5. Our rest days are now spent for legit resting. When we were younger, our rest days are usually spent going out and hanging out with our friends. Now that we are all sleep-deprived, we usually turn our notifications off, put our phones on silent, and get that much needed retreat at home. There's really nothing like spending an entire weekend in bed!

6. You prefer sleep over parties. “Sleep is for the weak” used to be our barkada's mantra. Remember those walwal nights that extend until the wee hours of the morning? Yep, they no longer happen these days. When you enter the real world, sleep is a privilege that almost no one will pass up on. We all get some Zs any chance we get. Don't even remind us of those hungover mornings. No, thank you. Adios, and see y'all in Dreamland!


7. You’ve learned how to prioritize. When we were in school, we tended to cram our way out of everything. Now, we make time for the important things that need to be done. Some people take it up a notch by making a to-do list for the day, and they actually accomplish it by the time they’re done with their 8-to-5 shift. Can we  give these people a gigantic round of applause for being extra adults? 

8. You’re still unsure how to properly “adult.” Waking up with the thought of what to eat for breakfast or if you still have enough money for the rest of the week is your daily scenario. No matter how hard you try, you still find yourself questioning your entire existence and how you’ll survive another day without the help of your parents. Adulting is not this tracing book you had when you were just a child where you could just follow the lines. The trick is to navigate this whole new territory by following your gut while having a great sense of responsiblity, and you'll get by just fine!

Adulting doesn't come with a manual—we just learn as we go along. So don't put too much pressure on yourself! It may be hard, but never lose your carefree spirit in the process! Always remember to live young!


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