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Cheat Sheet: Here Are The Ultimate Essentials For Pinoys On Their First Winter Trip!

Cheat Sheet: Here Are The Ultimate Essentials For Pinoys On Their First Winter Trip!

It may seem pretty simple to think about what to bring for a trip to somewhere snowy, but there is more to preparing for winter than the stuff you’d have to bring. It is also important to pack properly for it. Almost everything you pack would be bulkier than normal in the colder parts of the world, so best to be able to strategize carefully so you have space for some inevitable pasalubong shopping. Here are some of the essentials to bring!

Winter Coat. Top of the list for a reason and a non negotiable when you’re expecting to encounter snow. A good one will keep you from freezing over. However, this is the bulkiest item you’d be bringing, so ideally, just bring one or two of these, to leave space in your suit case for othe neccessities. If ukay doesn't do it for you for coats, you might want to check out centuries-old French brand Aigle. The brand, which has an extensive range of winter-appropriate jackets and boots, has finally opened its first store in the Philippines.

Thermal Underwear. Arguably, the most important piece of clothing you’d bring with you. This is what retains your body heat. Even if your outside layers aren’t too thick, so long as you have good thermal wear, you’d be able to manage. If you ask us, Uniqlo's HEATTECH innerwear is the go-to essential!

Knitted Sweaters. Pack some thick knitted sweater made of wool. This way, you can opt for just bringing two or three of these and layer them with an inner shirt to beat the cold! For sweaters, you can expect Gap to churn out some stylish bundles as it turns 10 years old in the Philippines this year!

Gloves. Our hands are very sensitive and can only stand being exposed to the cold for a certain amount of time. Instead of having to keep on warming them with your breath, make sure to have a pair on you wherever you go. Uniqlo's HEATTECH is also patent in its collection of gloves!

Ear Muffs. Like our hands, our ears are pretty sensitive too! Not only do they tend to hurt after being exposed to the cold, but keeping them warm helps in regulating your body temperature to comfortable levels. Girls (or the daring, fashion-forward guys) may want to add some spice to this usually-ignored piece with this attention-grabbing pair from Zara!

A Scarf/Neck Warmer. The neck is vulnerable area that needs insulation from the cold. There is a tendency for your throat to dry up too, which increases the chances of getting sick. Definitely wouldn’t want this to ruin a holiday out of the country! MCS has recently introduced a more urban-bohemian punch to its winter wear, including chic scarves!

A Hat/Bonnet. Even though you don’t lose body heat through your head, when it comes to wrapping up on a cold winter's day, a cosy hat is obligatory. It’s still important to cover as much of your body as you can–especially in snowfall. For making winter outfits look suave, trust the Italians. Verona-hailing brand Franklin & Marshall does stock fashionable and functional bonnets!

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Winter Boots. For those inexperienced to winter, a common oversight is attention to footwear. Wear boots that are well-insulated and, ideally, water-proof. Snow will eventually melt on your shoes, and if you’re using a pair made of canvas, be ready to have your feet frozen off. This stylish Kenneth Cole masterpiece from its recent F/W collection might just, dare we say, break the ice!

-With Barry Viloria

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