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Now Showing: How The Quite Formulaic ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ Still Tickled The Tito/Tita In Us

Now Showing: How The Quite Formulaic ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ Still Tickled The Tito/Tita In Us

Earning P100M in 6 days, Unexpectedly Yours expectedly kills it at the box office. Just from the trailer, it is quite evident that Star Cinema has pulled out all the stops to create this blockbuster. First, with its cast of not just two legends of Philippine Cinema: Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta, but also with two of the most promising and bankable stars they have in their stable: Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. (The pair is on their third blockbuster hit as a tandem!) Secondly, with blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina at the helm. Thirdly, with a romcom formula that is sure to bring the titos and titas plus the lolos and lolas to the theaters. But as it has been proven recently, the formula has not been reliable because word-of-mouth marketing has been king these days. So, does it live up to the hype to deserve a sustained reaping at the box office? Let’s tally the film’s highs and lows then!

Let’s start with Sharon Cuneta as Patty, a 50-year-old marketing executive who has lost touch of reality in her workplace and whose old school practices and principles have repelled her ex-husband permanently and her daughter away from her care but has attracted an old flame from her younger years. She perfectly embodies the train wreck of the character that Patty is, undergoing midlife crisis on steroids and does so, so effortlessly and amiably with both her comedic and dramatic timing on point. The Megastar is definitely back from her previous film blunder and is here to reclaim the box office throne. +5

Robin Padilla is back on mainstream cinema and here he portrays no other than... Robin Padilla! Surprise! But I really don’t mind 'cause it totally works. His onscreen chemistry with the Megastar is undeniable even after, gasp, decades! +3

Julia Barretto as Yanni or @yanniverse on twitter is my favorite character in this film and I think this is her best performance to date. She is the most real personality for me in the movie and she handled her character so naturally. +5

Another not-so-surprise, Joshua Garcia is here to basically portray Joshua Garcia again. And again, it does not bother me at all 'cause it’s just perfectly what the plot needs. I’m a fan of this guy but I’m hoping to see some other characterization from him in his next films, hopefully still showcasing both his comedic and dramatic timing. +2

Patty’s barkada, though. All stereotypes with stereotypical dialogues all done in an all too hyper and contrived tone. -2

Those seamen friends of Robin in one scene were acting for stage in a mid-shot. Even if it was done in a wide shot, it would still have been too much. -4

That hilarious love/bed scene of Sharon and Robin. I loved how Direk Cathy handled it to make it wholesome yet naughty enough for more mature audiences to enjoy. +3

There’s also this millennial antagonist to Sharon’s character in the office who was quite annoyingly portrayed. -2

In that FGD scene involving millennials, Patty suddenly goes on a lecture, seemingly out of nowhere. Talk about being on the nose! -3

How the lolos and lolas at the cinemas, okay fine, add to that some titos and titas excluding myself, were constantly laughing at old school jokes? Priceless. I may not be the target audience, but at least I witnessed how audiences still relish in these. +2

'Cause I can’t keep the highlights to just 10 for this film, I have to add that the best scene of the movie for me was that al fresco dinner of Sharon and Robin. This is where the Megastar shone the brightest, showcasing unadulterated vulnerability. It almost brought a tear to my eye. +5

Total: 15

So far in our books, this movie is worth a watch. Needless to say, this movie could actually end up being Star Cinema’s highest grossing film of 2017, excluding of course the upcoming MMFF entries. Thanks to a strong ensemble performance that transcends formula filmmaking.

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