Cheat Sheet: Here's The Ultimate Chill Playlist When Cleaning Your Home!

Cheat Sheet: Here's The Ultimate Chill Playlist When Cleaning Your Home!

By April Jamie Bustamante

Let’s face it: Cleaning can be such a drag. Dusting, decluttering, and sweeping are just no fun! But unless you want your home to look like the House of Terror, someone’s got to do it! Don’t worry. We’re here to make things better—with some mellow tunes to ease it up a bit! Below, we give you our fave soothing tracks to help you get your chores done—perfect for when you’re in a ‘chill-lang-muna-while-cleaning’ mood!

"High and Dry," Radiohead

If Thom Yorke’s powerful voice isn’t enough to motivate you to tidy things up, we just don’t know what else will.

"No Other Way," Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson never fails to relax our minds—and he does it in a way that makes our hearts happy. So, if you need a mood booster, listen to this!


"Such Great Heights," Iron & Wine

When you’re dusting those high ceilings, you need to be extra careful. Listen to something that will calm your nerves. Check out Iron & Wine’s rendition of The Postal Service’s Such Great Heights!

"Your Body is a Wonderland," John Mayer

Because we all need John Mayer’s sexy voice in our cleaning playlist. You’re welcome!

"Don’t Know Why," Norah Jones

There’s nothing quite like low-key jazz to cool you down when you’re screaming inside, “Don’t know why ginagawa ko pa ‘to!

"Thank You," Dido

And finally, a ‘Thank You’ song to wrap it up—something to tell you that “It’s not so bad.”

Need more relaxing tunes to help you declutter your home (and your mind)? Pine-Sol has got you covered—handpicking all these tracks for you in a playlist! So, chill, hit that play button, and get those brooms ready! With these tunes designed to reduce your stress, and the power of Pine-Sol Lavender Clean, you’ll be getting your chores done, while easing your mind—all at the same time!


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