Cheat Sheet: How To Make Moving In More Fun And Romantic For Millennial Couples!

Cheat Sheet: How To Make Moving In More Fun And Romantic For Millennial Couples!

There are countless things every millennial couple is dying to include in or tick off from the ultimate #RelationshipGoals bucket list: Go on a spontaneous road trip, escape to a secluded island, build a tree house (like a literal love nest!), mail each other love letters, watch the end of Game of Thrones together.

And then there's the idea of playing house. Say, with the two of you finally moving in together under one roof—cooking, cleaning, decorating your abode together. Yes, talk about doing a space makeover with your partner! Comparatively, it doesn’t sound as romantic and glamorous, but here are a few reasons why you might reconsider (for added kilig, we've strung along some songs while you're at it!).

Your home is your own little paradise. Your place will bear witness to your countless tender, teasing, and tiff moments. This is where you build your dreams and where you hope to be when the sun goes down. Hence, a a little royal treatment to this fortress wouldn’t hurt. Besides, Lil Uzi Vert was right: Who doesn’t want to wake up in paradise?

It signifies a brand new start in your relationship. A new journey is about to start. So, it’s time you kick the mess out—along with all the negative memories you’ve been through in the past. You can also apply your knack for design and decorate your home together from scratch. Take some inspo from Miley Cyrus’ song Malibu, which is all about second chances. Give it a try, too, by revamping your home!

The couple that cleans the house together, stays together—forever. Cleaning can be pretty exhausting. Thus, the idea of hiring house helpers instead of doing the job yourself. But hey, doing so tests your teamwork and rapport. The world wide web has cleaning hacks to make this chore easier. And there’s Pine-Sol Sparkling Wave if you need a multi-surface that effectively removes stubborn dirt. Pine-Sol Sparkling Wave gives off a fresh scent that will relax your senses. With that in hand while cleaning, you might want to check the following playlist to emulate a similarly calming vibe! Talk about hearing the #SoundOfSmell, huh?

Ready to take on the challenge of cleaning your home as a couple? Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine! Like what The Beach Boys sang on Wouldn’t It Be Nice, there wouldn’t be a single thing you couldn’t do together—so check this off your bucket list now! You, power couple, you!

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