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The Six Fix: No Picture Frames As Gifts, Please! Here Are Some Wellness Oils For The Tita In You!

The Six Fix: No Picture Frames As Gifts, Please! Here Are Some Wellness Oils For The Tita In You!

December has knocked on our door and made itself welcome. The last weeks of the holiday rush may prove confusing for some who just haven't managed to make time for Christmas shopping.  We hope to make a few helpful shopping suggestions today in the realm of beauty and wellness. There may not be enough Christmas gifts every year, but there's always an overflow of stress and tension in the last quarter. We ought to arm ourselves with peace and relaxation in order to survive the hustle or at least give some good-smelling love back. Check out the most calm-inducing holiday finds we've found, and we'd like to point out, they're portable and won't be a pain in the gift-wrapping department.  We've also provided the information you need on where to get them. 

1. LemonGrass House PH Headache Relief Oil - This brand of handmade spa products also from Singapore and Phuket has a wide range of wellness and aromatherapy oils to try.  They're also known for their cold pressed virgin coconut oil products.  One of their highly-recommended products is their Headache Relief Oil, a blend of Rosemary, Lavender, and Clary Sage essential oil. 

For inspired room scenting, here's a simple method you can use to impress your guests and friends. Add five drops of essential oil to water in your oil burner, so the scent diffuses throughout your space. For use on your skin, you need to safely combine the ratio of 10ml of a base oil like jojoba or VCO with five drops of the essential oil before applying. Available here from Beauty MNL.


2. Caudalie Grape Water Hydration Spray - Caudalie in the past was one of Victoria Beckham's favorite skincare brands. She always had their refreshing beauty mist in her handbag at one point a few years back.  A product the range has, similar to Evian spray, is their Grape water spray. The grape water spray also holds hydration a bit longer on the skin than regular thermal water sprays and has skin nourishing benefits from grapes.

The grape water spray is available here via Lazada.

 3. G Stuff Cold Pressed VCO Massage oil - We've tried G Stuff's massage oil a few years back and it's become a therapeutic staple ever since. Aside from the fact that it leaves your skin baby soft (after you let it sink in post-massage), this brand has an array of scents that satisfy even the most finicky noses. It's an oil that sinks into your skin instead of sitting greasily on the surface, thanks to the natural properties of cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil. Our favorite scent is the Eucalyptus Rosemary Thyme, but it also comes in Lemongrass, Sampaguita, Ylang Ylang, Hibiscus, and Choco Loco. 

G Stuff Retails at its own stores at: 3/F Powerplant Mall, Level 1 Trinoma Mall, Alabang Town Center(near Madrigal)

4. Pixi Rose Oil Blend Nourishing Face Oil - What G Stuff's oil is for the body, Pixi's Rose facial oil is for the face. Here, you have a gentle nourishing oil developed especially for skin that tends to react to changes in climate or other harsh products. Calm that mug down this botanical blend which is infused with anti-aging oils to help improve skin's elasticity and glow. Sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils nourish the complexion, leaving it soft and smooth.

Pixi cosmetics are available at select SM Beauty Floors and here online from Pure Beauty. 

5. Facial Jade Rollers in Green and Pink - This tool makes a huge impact on any skincare regimen especially when you have serums and facial oil in your routine. Use this to roll on the face for a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage effect. It not only does cool things for the face, it makes for a chic-looking addition to your vanity or bathroom tabletop.  Jade rollers work by stimulating better blood circulation in the facial area.  This also aids our lymphatic drainage, in which toxins are carried away and puffiness in appearance is lessened significantly.

Available via on Instagram. 


Just 26 days before Christmas. Here’s something every beauty junkie in your holiday list would love! ????

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6. Xeng Zulueta’s Product X Brush Cleaning System - The sight of dirty makeup brushes is always a stress point for those of us who apply or use makeup frequently. For budding makeup artists it is one of the biggest parts of upkeep in a competititve trade, keeping those makeup brushes clean and soft in a way that won't take its toll on the tools themselves. Makeup Xeng Zulueta as of a few years back has provided us with a system and brush cleansing product that works, and not just for makeup brushes. 

Xeng's Product X system was first released years back in pink, but now comes in universally appealing black and white.  Currently this is only sold online through their facebook page and through various bazaars when announced.

The solid/balm brush cleanser itself, her Organic Makeup Brush Cleaner & Preserver, is homemade, natural, and eco-friendly plus retails separately as well from the entire system for Php450. "Product Details: 250ml. Made with sustainable organic VCO which supports wives of farmers. Made for makeup artists for all brushes, beauty blenders, sponges, and puffs. Available here from Product X's facebook page.


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