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Hot Stuff: Meet The Artists Of Tarsier Records, All Set In Making OPM Rule The World!

Hot Stuff: Meet The Artists Of Tarsier Records, All Set In Making OPM Rule The World!

Team taglines don’t get more honest than this—“It’s all in the family.” Isn’t that often the well-loved case when it comes to Filipinos? Headphones on, earphones in, it’s about time all of us listened. Beneath the banner of these five words, the nine exclusive music artists of shiny new record label Tarsier Records take flight. The newly imprinted underground arm of Star Music recently sprang forth with a cycle of individual talents, each with a specific sound and a commitment to support one another through collaboration.

With the leadership of one of their own, music producer, DJ, and Tarsier Records babe himself, Chris Lopez a.k.a. “Moophs,” they’re well on their way. They are young, hip, with eyes and ears for the best—set to make a difference not just on the airwaves, but on today’s most sought-after turf, only where all things millennially and digitally sound take root and bloom these days, the internet. Rising to the international scene is just one tickbox on Tarsier’s agenda having partnered with Warner Music for global distribution. With Tarsier’s original music tracks now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, other major platforms, and on their YouTube channel (on which all official Tarsier music will be released), the genuine goal quite frankly is to make the world feel and move by choice to their brand of world-class OPM.

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Produced by Julia Arenas | Creative Direction by Barry Viloria | Videography by Lui Jimenez | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Makeup by BYS Cosmetics: Charlie Manapat, Maui Manalo, and CAS: Anna Patricia Andan, Noelle Tumacas, Jana Evardone, Evelyn Dischosa  | Styling by  Jhelo Cristobal @jhelocristobal,  Tricia Ramos @TrishDenise, and Barry Viloria  | Hairstyling: @VivereSalon

Shot on location at: Shot on location at Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City

Special Thanks to: Tricia Rodriguez of BYS Cosmetics, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Misa Ocampo of Circuit Makati, Lani Tabije-Bernal and Yanna Bromeo of Greenbulb PR, and Forever 21 




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