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Cheat Sheet: Achieve Your Body Goals In Three Simple Ways!

Cheat Sheet: Achieve Your Body Goals In Three Simple Ways!

Being fit is in. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health to get your dream bod! Millennials and adults want to show off their best selves, yet with busy schedules, how is this possible? How do we squeeze in getting fit and eating healthy in between our long hours and everyday commute with heavy traffic?

Not to worry, guys. We’ve compiled a few foolproof ways to do it!

1. Walk it off. More often than not, we prefer taking a cab or booking a private car to get to where we need to be—and that’s understandable. But walking is one of the most effective ways to burn off that slice of pizza you ate last night. Instead of hailing a cab for a short trip, why not walk, avoid the hassle of the heavy traffic, and unconsciously work out? Make it a daily routine and voila! You’ve lost that extra pound!

2. Water is your best friend. Drinking enough water not only keeps your body hydrated, but it also helps maximize energy levels and brain function. It also helps flush out toxins that would otherwise build up as kidney stones. The recommended daily water intake for working adults is 2.7-3.7 L a day. Not to mention, water aids in suppressing one’s appetite when on a diet.

3. Do not deprive yourself. Avoiding carbs altogether is a common misconception in weight loss. Although this may be effective in the short run, it can cause you to relapse or overindulge on your cheat days. Eating in moderation is the key, together with the new GRAYNS Rice Cooker. 

Now you don't have to skip that cup of rice at dinner! 

Grayns has Thermosense and Debond technology that allows the rice to heat up in just the right temperature for starch to dissolve in water while still leaving the nutrients intact in the rice grain. With its REVO Intelligent Drainage System, this smart cooker makes sure that the starch does not get absorbed back by the rice but is drained completely. Furthermore, research has proven that this miracle product reduces sugar in rice by 30-35%. Now that’s one less thing to worry about when working on your body goals!

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