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How much Time and Money do Cosplayers pour into their Costumes?

How much Time and Money do Cosplayers pour into their Costumes?

We all know that cosplay is one hobby that can be pretty expensive, depending on the character a cosplayer would like to portray. There are many factors leading to the costing of a costume, ranging from materials used to the construction of certain props.

During the Asia Pop Comic Con, we at ABS-CBN Lifestyle asked some of the cosplayers about their costumes, and how much they actually spent for it. Here’s what we found out:

Case number 1: Chiqui’s Daenerys Targaryen outfit

Interesting facts: Chiqui’s friend help out in crafting her costume and her overall look to channel her inner Daenerys. As for her wig, Chiqui bought it at a store, and the same applies with the blue-colored contacts she was sporting.


Total cost: “Including the wig, around 8,000 pesos.”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s verdict: Splurge

“It’s like you are going to the awards!” (Meyn)


Case number 2: Timmy’s Dark Spiderman outfit

Interesting facts: A friend from his group “Spiderverse” help him craft his Dark Spiderman costume. Timmy made an extra effort in his outfit by making a web-themed bag to accompany his outfit.

Total cost: “Give or take, around two thousand [pesos].”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s verdict: Just right

“That bag is so cool!” (Duey)


Case number 3: Eru’s Ashe (from League of Legends) outfit

Interesting facts: Eru asked help from a friend in crafting her outfit. She had her outfit rushed for 2 ½ weeks because of the slightly late announcement of APCC. In addition, Eru made an extra effort to make her outfit as faithful as possible to her character in the popular online game.

Total cost: “Around five to six thousand pesos.”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s verdict: A bit of a splurge

“That’s expensive but you really looked awesome” (Meyn)


Case number 4: Marjorie’s Tempest Grant (from League of Legends) outfit

Interesting facts: It took Marjorie three months to fully craft her outfit, which is made of fake crystals and rubber sheets. The reason for the long timeline is because Marjorie was hands-on in crafting her own costume by doing everything herself. She purchased her elf ears from a store.

Total cost: “Around five thousand.”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s verdict: Wow (for the effort)

“You really are awesome!” (Meyn)


Case number 5: Stephen’s Malcolm Merlin / Dark Arrow outfit

Interesting facts: Stephen’s bow is made from PVC pipes, while the arrows are made from paper. Stephen got the jacket from a thrift shop, and made the belts from rubber and leatherette pieces. As for the details, Stephen hand-sewn the studs into his outfit.

Total cost: “Around 500 [pesos].”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s verdict: Steal

“Cheap yet so stylish!” (Meyn)

“Creativity at its finest!” (Duey)


And there you have it: Cosplay does not necessarily mean expensive. It’s all up to the cosplayer’s creativity and resourcefulness in pulling off his/her desired character!

*All photos by Sany Chua.




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