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Now Showing: How Real/Unreal/Awesome/Annoying Is 'Justice League?'

Now Showing: How Real/Unreal/Awesome/Annoying Is 'Justice League?'

By Jeffrey Hidalgo

Justice League is currently packing cinemas all around the globe, earning almost $300M in just four days. It will most likely pass the $1B mark despite having a low rating on every movie critic's bible, err, Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews are mixed, with more than a half of it panning the movie, but let’s try to break it down into popcorn buckets if it is worth your time or not.

Here, for our new version of movie reviews, we will "grade" every movie and all its facets on how realistic/fantastic, awe-inspiring/annoying, flawless/failure-bound it is. We will use, yes, actual points, with a sum in the end. Hope our not-so-contemptuos index will convince you to watch whatever we will be reviewing from now on—or not!

Justice League's first sequence of a cellphone video showing Superman being interviewed by kids using a cellphone—a great personal touch and very smart opening scene. +2

The signature slow motion Zack Snyder opening sequence reminiscent of his work on Watchmen, establishing the grim status of a world without Superman. +3

Wonder Woman always looking as perfect as Christmas morning. +5

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and his humane take on being a superhero who just pushes people and runs away. +2

Aquaman’s badass look with the hair, contacts, tattoos, and all. I personally feel he doesn’t need a costume anymore 'cause he looks battle ready. I suddenly have a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume. Just need to find a padded body suit. +4

Cyborg’s awesome cybernetic abilities. For someone who had no idea of this character till this movie came along, I've always wondered why he was considered a superhero being just part-machine. But his character’s connection to the force they’re up against, is quite amazing. +3

That Superman vs. The Justice League action sequence (yes, spoiler alert! As if you didn’t know). That was the highlight of the film for me as I was at the edge of my seat the whole time even if obviously no one would really get hurt. +5

Wonder Woman’s squinting in all scenes which seems like her only go-to expression to show emotion. -2

Bruce Wayne suddenly looking like a Kingsman. (Yes, I miss the more brooding Bruce Wayne in BvS. I think he was more badass with his grit in that movie.) -3

Too many backstories of new characters not fully fleshed out. -5

The Flash’s comic timing: though it may be hit and miss, I feel there were more misses by just a tad bit. -0.5

Superman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman suddenly making jokes at the end of the film as an attempt to feel like an avengers movie. -2

Total: 11.5

I honestly don’t know what this may imply at this point since it’s my first time to evaluate a film this way. But I actually enjoyed Justice League for what it was. It is a superhero movie after all and not an art film, so I don’t get the hate it’s getting from most critics. DC may still be finding their way in the superhero universe with Marvel having a big headstart that’s why the film feels uneven tone-wise. But it seems they’re heading towards the right direction. The movie was a lot of fun and right now, that’s all that matters.

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Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. and taken from Jason Momoa's Instagram (@prideofgypsies)




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