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In Focus: 5 Ways Your Dogs Make You A Happier Human—Just Like Rachel Peters Is!

In Focus: 5 Ways Your Dogs Make You A Happier Human—Just Like Rachel Peters Is!



A swipe through Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters' Instagram page will tell you that she's a huge doggo lover just like many of us! We know that she has her own pet pitbulls, but her social media feed is also full of selfies cuddling with different pups—whether she's visiting rescued dogs in PAWS Philippines's HQ or chanced upon friendly ones during a beach trip. 


A post shared by Rachel Peters (@rachelpetersx) on


A post shared by Rachel Peters (@rachelpetersx) on


A post shared by Rachel Peters (@rachelpetersx) on

We're pretty sure that scrolling through Rachel's photos has already made you want to go home and snuggle with your pet. Or, if you don't have any, perhaps, you felt like adopting a pup pronto. In any case, having a dog by your side is highly recommendable! They're not just "cute" and perfect for "cuddle weather"; they're proven to be good for your health, too! 

It's obvious that Rachel has that cheerful glow on her, and we're 100% sure that her furry friends are responsible for it. Need proof? Here are some facts proving that dogs can actually make us happier and healthier humans!

1. They lift your mood and relieve stress.


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Dogs are the perfect stress-busters, and here's the science of it: Studies conducted by University of Missouri-Columbia reveal that petting them releases feel-good hormones and increases your level of serotonin and dopamine, thus playing a big role when it comes to your mood and calmness. So, whenever you're having a rough day, all you need to do is give your fur baby a hug—because that snuggle is real!

2. They keep you fit.


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Walking your dogs isn't just for their health benefit; it's for yours, too! It keeps you active and gets your fitness routine going without much effort. Another study conducted by the University of Missouri even revealed that walking with a dog will improve your health more than walking with another human. A game of fetch also makes for a fun and effective way to exercise. Just take a look at Rachel's fit bod for further proof!

3. They reduce heart disease risk.


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Keeping active with the help of your pet ensures that your health is taken care of. According to researchers from Melbourne, Australia, pet owners have lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol than non-pet owners, regardless of their smoking habits, diet, or body mass index. Another study also revealed that dog owners who do have heart attacks have better survival rates! See? They don't just fill your heart with all the fuzzies; they keep it strong and healthy, too!

4. They improve your social life.


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On some days, It's easy to retreat at home and be content with having your dog on your side. But in case you haven't realized it yet, your love for dogs can help improve your social skills! Researchers at the University of Chicago found that dog owners feel less "isolated" and "lonely" than those who don't have pets. Whether you're interacting with a fellow dog owner during a walk in the park or found a new bestie by posting photos of your pup online, dogs can surely improve your ties with the outside world!

5.  They give you a sense of purpose.


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Something as simple as getting up in the morning to feed your dogs and take them out for a walk can go a long way. The Best Friends Animal Society highlights the fact that having a pet to take care of can give your life structure and meaning because you're not just focused on your own needs anymore. It's basically having a kid, but with less tantrum fits! This is a perfect training ground for us millennials if we're planning to have a family of our own someday. And for those who don't have plans, dogs are the only family you'll ever need, TBH!

If these facts and Rachel's double tap-worthy photos didn't convince you to get your own pet, then we don't know what will! Seriously, you're all missing out!

How else does your pet keep you healthy and happy? Share your doggo stories with us below!

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