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In Focus: Things That Happen When You're The Only K-Pop Fan In Your Squad

In Focus: Things That Happen When You're The Only K-Pop Fan In Your Squad



While K-pop is widely popular now more than ever, we have to admit that it's still not everyone's cup of tea. Its trending status sadly doesn't mean that everyone in your squad can finally relate to your fangirling feels. If you're the only one in your squad who's stanning hard on these Korean stars, then you probably find yourself in a lot of situations where literally nobody gets you. Here are the things that you go through if you're the only K-pop fan in your barkada:

1. You're not allowed to play music in the car.

When you're on a road trip, they never allow you to plug your phone into the stereo because they know that you'll only play K-pop music. They enjoy listening to "Despacito," but why can't they get on board with you singing songs in Korean? Unfair, right?

2. You don't have anyone to go with during K-pop events.

When a K-pop event happens near you, you don't have anyone to go with because your friends will never spend a cent to join you. It feels lonely at times, but fortunately, you find new friends in your fellow K-pop fans as soon as you meet them!

3. They think every K-pop idol look the same.

People often ask you, "Aren't they the same people?" No, they're not! If only they'd pay closer attention, they'd know that each idol in a group can stand out on their own! Just because they have chinky eyes and the same poreless complexion doesn't mean you can dismissively say, "Pare-pareho lang naman sila eh."


4. You're the only one who has an "Asian" preference.

While they're all drooling over Cole Sprouse or Daniel Padilla, you prefer the chinito type which reminds you of your bias! They may tell you that your type looks a little too feminine for anyone's taste, but you know better that these Korean guys can be actual hotties in their own right, too!


5. They immediately associate every Korean to you.

There's really nothing wrong with that; it's just that they think that you're interested in every Korean in the world. Sometimes, they'd tell you that they have a Korean classmate just to see how you're going to react. No, it's not always going to be a big deal, people. Get over it.


6. They think you can speak Korean fluently.

Yes, you do know basic words like oppa and saranghaeyo. But no, you can't translate everything in that skincare packaging for them. Don't they know there's a reason why you still watch your favorite K-pop group's interview with subs?


7. They assume you don't listen to other genres.

You may prefer K-pop songs above everything else, but you don't live under a rock. You still enjoy other genres and can name the latest song on the radio just like the next person. 


But even though you're the isolated case in your group, you're still thankful for your friends who, at the end of the day, will still support your undying love for your K-pop faves. Can you relate? Let us know what it's like to be a die-hard K-pop fan in the comments below!

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