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In Focus: The #ChalkCampusTour2017 Invades Trinity University Of Asia!

In Focus: The #ChalkCampusTour2017 Invades Trinity University Of Asia!




College is a bumpy ride. One day, your professors don't show up because classes just started. Next thing you know, you're cramming to finish all your requirements before the end of the semester! So before hell week kicks in, we visited our last stop for the Chalk Campus Tour 2017—Trinity University of Asia!

In partnership with Gibi Shoes, BYS Cosmetics, and Concentrix, we were able to bring a boost of inspiration in TUA in the form of celebrity speakers Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ai Dela Cruz, and Robi Domingo, who helped instill the Chalk mantra among the students: #LookGood, #LoveHard, and #LiveYoung! Here's a recap of what the Trinitians learned from our speakers! 

#LookGood by Jasmine Curtis-Smith brought to you by Gibi Shoes

Perhaps, our biggest takeaway from Jasmine's talk was that looking good and feeling good must always go hand-in-hand. Never sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. Looking good helps boost our self-esteem and some sensible sartorial selections are a great way to help you feel like your best self!

She also emphasized the importance of investing in quality pieces. Having a limited budget is not an excuse to cheap, low-quality items. The key is to search for great value at a reasonable price. Always determine whether the cost of the clothes and shoes you want to buy is fair when it comes to its quality and lifespan. 

#LiveYoung by Ai Dela Cruz brought to you by Concentrix

MYX VJ Ai's success was not brought about by pure luck, but by how she courageously lived her life. Contrary to popular belief, living young goes beyond the "YOLO" or "walwal" mindset. #LiveYoung means grabbing life by the horns and making the most of opportunities that come your way. 

Ai also made it easier for everyone to find their purpose in life by sharing some essential tips. First, you need to determine which skill/s are you exemplary at. Are these something that makes your soul sing? Can you can earn a decent living from using them? What value can you provide the world with practicing your skills? If you are able to find and intersection among all these, congratulations! You have officially found your purpose. The journey towards finding your purpose can take some time and entails a lot of introspection about what works for you and what doesn't. The key is to respect your pace. Don't rush yourself too much because eventually, everything will fall into place. Just keep going! 

#LoveHard by Robi Domingo

Robi took everyone on a kilig trip by talking about the rollercoaster ride that we call "love" on a personal level. We took a stroll down memory lane as he discussed the different phases of falling in love—from simple, cutesy crushes to the reality of serious relationships. #SoMuchFeels!

According to Robi, love transitions from a simple feeling to being a verb when a couple finally graduates from the pa-cute stage and settles into a "real-lationship." Love can make us question our self-worth at times but he believes that timing is everything. Maybe things weren't meant to happen or maybe it wasn't just meant to be at this moment. Whatever the case is, Robi encouraged us to just keep believing in love. 

That's it for the Chalk Campus Tour 2017! But don't worry because we'll be back in 2018 so leave a comment below if you want us to come to your school next year!


Co-presented by: Concentrix

Brought to you by: BYS, Gibi Shoes


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Photos by Inah Que




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