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How To Best Recognize Success When It Comes

How To Best Recognize Success When It Comes

In a somewhat dismal time of discontent, people push to do more in the hopes of getting more. Who wouldn’t want to succeed at what they do anyway? But like any pursuit, what would it cost you? And if you were to put a face on success, what would it look like?

It’s been said that when you begin to succeed on one area of your life, you are deliberately failing on the other. And that if you try to do both, it will be of mediocre value. But that could only be true for those people who’ve long given up on the idea of balance or on the old idiom “hitting two birds in one stone” or anything to that effect.

So what is success, and how can you tell if you’ve succeeded already?

Success is putting in your earnest hard work for a hard day’s work even when it goes unnoticed. Success is never having to duck in your lousy “busy” excuse because you know priorities, you know what matters, and you make time for these things. And when you can’t make time, you manage your time and that just does the trick.

Success is falling in love with things every single day because nobody says you can’t, and using that the day after as inspiration to keep you going, to make you better for your work, for your business, for your friends, for your family, for yourself. Success is being able to come home with one foot on the ground knowing you haven’t stepped on anyone; and your other foot up, knowing you’ve done your best for the day and that’s more than enough.

Success is, more than anything, being able to give back. It’s appreciating victories no matter how big or small, and using that to create a ripple of inspiration for those who’ve first inspired you—may it be your parents, their parents, your best friend, or even that stranger you’ve just bumped into. It’s creating a ripple of inspiration for those who need it most.

Lastly, success is relative that it may mean differently for each person but that even then, success will never be about being lonely at the top. In fact, it’s taking the person who inspired you to the top. Success is not a relentless pursuit worthy of losing your loved ones in the process. Whoever begs to differ must watch this tear-jerking story of a grandchild who succeeds in life because her grandma’s love and “sweet” legacy first changed her. 


Now tell us, in all honesty, what is success if you can’t share it with the people you love? 




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