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Where To Next: Kryz Uy On What Makes Hong Kong Still As Hot A Destination!

Where To Next: Kryz Uy On What Makes Hong Kong Still As Hot A Destination!

From style blogging and travel vlogging, to events and TV show hosting, is there nothing that Filipina fashionista Kryz Uy can’t do these days? She’s circled the globe over the last few years and evidently hops on a plane multiple times a month. Living the life of an ultimate jetsetter has earned Kryz her share of travel tip nuggets for the flying newbies among us, and there are a couple of places she thinks are worth checking out. One of her favorite no-fuss destinations just happens to be Hong Kong for its short travel time, cool climate, and the unrivaled shopping paradise and deals that await. 


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“My family loves Hong Kong because it’s a two hour plane ride and direct flight from Cebu. My dad loves Chinese food and my mom loves shopping. It’s the first place I went travelling with friends and not family. Now after having shot a show there this year, I can see it from a local’s perspective,” Kryz explains. She also shares with us a couple of recommendations when planning our next visit to Asia's very own Pearl of the Orient.

1. Don’t be afraid to eat in local spots. "When I’m with my sisters, we just roam around the street. Be experimental. It’s very safe in Hong Kong, so follow the crowd," she says. An oldie but goodie restaurant that delights tourists from all over is Sweet Dynasty. Located at Tsim Sha Tsui, along Hankow Road in Hong Kong Pacific Centre this place specializes in dimsum and dessert. From delectable dumplings like hakaw, to traditional Chinese meat dishes and chilled pearl puddings, Sweet Dynasty satisfies Chinese food cravings.  Don't forget keep your eyes out for new places, just as Kryz said. New restaurants and food boutiques open every few weeks.


Morning with great breakfast #sweetdynasty #hk

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2. Savor their veggies. There really is something about the taste of local and organic greens versus vegetables that have gone through a long haul flight. "Chinese food here (in the Philippines) is so different from the food in Hong Kong. I (especially) love their green leafy vegetables. We have these vegetables, but it's really different when you taste them in Hong Kong," she admits. Among our favorites are Chinese broccoli, bok choy, Chinese broccoli, and choy sum. They're often served in oyster sauce or with some chili, sesame oil, and garlic. 


3. Ferry areas are nice to photograph. Kryz is fond of taking photos in places "where there are boats". One place you should check out? Victoria Harbour. Situated right in the center of the urban cluster of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour is the scenic highlight of any visit to this energetic city. Its surrounded by promenades of boutiques and restaurants, and is known to hold much-awaited fireworks shows every year.


4.  Pay a visit to Old Town Central. "I always used to stay in Central because I like the food and partying. But it’s really the Indie Art scene (that's) perfect for millennials," she shares. The archetypal melting pot that is Old Town Central is where artistry, history, passions. and ideas merge in the midst of an urban jungle.  One of the earliest colonial roads, Hollywood Road, runs right through the center. 


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5. Novelty items make for useful buys. Kryz is all about walking the streets of Hong Kong. But she still makes sure her skin is protected and free from sweat. Besides sunblock, Kryz keeps her cool with the help of battery powered device and suggests others do the same. "If you go in the summer, you can buy those little electric fans on the side of the street,” she says. Eye-catching souvenirs and novelty gifts are a common sight apart from fans and branded merchandise often on sale. Shopping is best experienced on foot, and in between your transactions it's so easy to find a place to rest and grab a bite or refreshment.


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6. It helps to prepare two kikay kits. According to Kryz, "I always have a separate toilery and makeup bag when I travel so (that) I don't (have to) transfer stuff." This comes as very practical advice for frequent fliers, as it takes away the stress of moving products from one case to the other. 


Whenever I travel, I always bring a ton of toiletries. It's not just because I'm picky, but because the products you use can really affect your personal hygiene and health. For example, I NEVER travel without my own toothbrush because the hotel freebies are usually so hard on my gums. My dentist recommends using toothbrushes with soft bristles that can clean without any pain or bleeding. Receding gums is no joke guys, it hurts! For this trip, I made sure to pack two (just in case :p) Oral-B Green Tea & Black Tea brushes. Health is wealth! And because I love you guys, I will be giving away these awesome toothbrushes from Oral B to 5 winners! Just repost this while answering the question: What I love most about green tea and black tea! Don’t forget to include the hashtags: #OralBGreenTea #OralBBlackTea ??

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