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In Focus: No Injury Or Defeat Can Stop Markus Paterson From Being The Next Big Thing In Music!

In Focus: No Injury Or Defeat Can Stop Markus Paterson From Being The Next Big Thing In Music!

Former Pinoy Boy Band Superstar contestant Markus Paterson always had it in him. “I explored different ones like jazz, modern, RnB. I even liked country for a bit, which is weird because I’m British," he begins, "I don’t have a genre of music that I don’t like." Perhaps, this was what prompted his parents to encourage him to pursue his musical inclinations further. "I think I was around eight years old when my mom bought me my first guitar," he shares. Having a lot of idle time in his hands was instrumental to discovering his musical path. "It was just sitting in my room for a couple of weeks. I was bored during summer break so I was like ‘Why not I’ll give it a go?’”

Today, the once-reality star is making his stamp in music heavier as he joins Tarsier Records, the newest group of local musicians on the block hoping to make it big internationally.

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A long time ago, though, music as a career would not take hold on Markus just yet. He dabbled in professional football in the UK until a major ACL injury on his left knee cut this career path short. He then decided to come to the Philippines to explore other opportunities. “I moved here to play football again for Kaya Elite," shares Markus. "Someone asked me if I want to be on ASAP Chillout. I was like ‘Yeah, sure why not?'” Yet, journeying from being an athlete into the realm of showbiz entertainment was a huge move for Markus, he admits.

Music, however, had a funny way of showing up in his path. It was his participation in the reality television show, Pinoy Boy Band Superstar that triggered his musical career in the country. "I got into the finals and that’s what kind of sparked it up," Markus relates, "After that, I’ve been thinking about nothing but music.”

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Understanding Markus Paterson as a musician involves discovering what type of sound resonates with this hottie. He cites Daniel Caesar ("Aw, I vibe with this dude.") and Khalid ("I prefer a lot of his other songs like 'Shot Down.' That’s just a musical piece of art!") as some of the artists that have caught his ear.

Before joining Tarsier Records, Markus wasn’t so sure there was a group that could understand what type of music he wanted to be singing or creating. But, his first meeting with Chris Lopez (Moophs) instantly cemented his decision to sign for the label. Just how? “As soon as I saw him I was like, ‘He’s got tattoos!'" laughs Markus, "He’s got good music, that was what I assumed." Luckily, his assumption was right on target.

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Markus first music release as part of Tarsier Records is a collaboration with the group's ringleader Moophs himself, a single entitled "WIWU (When I'm With You)." While the song is predictably about modern romance, WIWU is steady and light, a perfect addition for car-cruising playlists for roadtrips away from the city. It is an undoubtedly sublime first single for the kiddo musician.

Signing with Tarsier Records was something akin to a homecoming for the young artist. “Being part of something like Tarsier has always been my complete dream here in music," shares Marcus. He adds that working with the label has been a simple and open process, one that has been pivotal in shaping his musical identity and bringing about a deeper appreciation of his craft. "With music you can influence, you can inspire people," he says. "I’d like to give back by inspiring people to do what they want to do."  

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