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The Six Fix: Are You As Bonded With Your Pets As These Celebs?

The Six Fix: Are You As Bonded With Your Pets As These Celebs?



It's amazing how much love you can pour into an animal and be rewarded by undying loyalty and even more love! That's why nothing is as pure as the relationship between a pet and a loving owner.

A lot of celebrities share our love for pets. You can tell a lot about a star's relationship with their furry companions even by simply scrolling through their Instagram feed! 

1. Kathryn Bernardo

We don't know who's luckier-Kathryn for being blessed with beautiful dogs or her babies for having the Teen Queen as their human!

2. Loisa Andalio


A post shared by Loisa Andalio (@iamandalioloisa) on

If it's a regular doze of celebrity pets you're looking for, then you better take a look at Loisa's Instagram feed! She's just as in love with her pets as we are!

3. Elisse Joson


A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn) on

If you scroll through Elisse's feed long enough, you'll realize just how much she loves McMc, Spicy, and Belle!

4. Andrea Brillantes


A post shared by Andrea Brillantes (@blythe) on

Andrea loves dogs as much as the next person but who knew she always wanted a pig for a pet? Now that she's met Lily, we couldn't be happier for her!

5. Janella Salvador


A post shared by Janella Salvador ?? (@superjanella) on

Not only does she lve her baby Hermes to bits but she also adopted a stray cat found lying under a car and named it 'Eyemoe.' Now that's a true cat lover!

6. Anne Curtis


A post shared by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) on

Given the fact that she owns three dogs, one canary and a cat, we can only assume that Anne Curtis just loves animals in general!

We're all for beauty and talent but these celebrities' love for their furry babies just make them all the more worthy of admiration and respect. In fact, these photos are enough to make us want to run home to shower our own pets with affection!

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