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Hottie Alert: Some Facts Of Life That We Can Cop From Kim Jaejoong To Become A Better You!

Hottie Alert: Some Facts Of Life That We Can Cop From Kim Jaejoong To Become A Better You!

Kim Jaejoong is, without a doubt, a truly enigmatic being: unique and unrepeatable. The sum of all his choices and experiences, Jaejoong—who is holding a meet and greet here very soon—is a complete package of unique traits that make him stand out from the crowd!

Your past doesn't dictate your future. The hunky K-Pop star was originally born Han Jaejun. At a young age, his biological mother gave him up for adoption. He took the name of his new parents and changed his name to Kim Jaejoong.



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Keep your eyes on your prize. As a young boy, Jaejoong was tone-deaf in primary school. Although he was constantly jeered for wanting to become a singer, this did not stop Jaejoong from pursuing his dream, diligently practicing until he improved his vocal prowress dramatically.


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Do it for your country. Because military service is mandatory for South Korean males between the ages of 18 and 35, Jaejoong enlisted in the army in March 2015 as a new recruit and began fulfilling his duties in the military’s 55th Infantry Division. During his time, Jaejoong suffered a serious injury on his left knee which required stem cell cartilage transplant surgery. He was released early from his military stint in October 2015 . 


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Great things never come from comfort zones. Not content with conquering the music scene, Jaejoong also proves that he has acting chops to go along with his vocal prowess. Since 2005, he has been playing a diverse range of series like Sunao ni Narenakute, Protect the Boss, Dr. Jin, Triangle, SPY and most recently Manhole; and in films such as Heaven's Postman and Jackal is Coming, which further honed his acting skills.

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Follow your bliss, always. Prompted by his passion for photography, the hunky crooner is slated to appear in a new web variety show, “Photo People”! together with other notable stars like actor Lee Jun Hyeok, comedian Jo Se Ho, and model Shim So Young. The show is scheduled for online release in December 2017.

Catch Kim Jae Joong in his first ever fan meeting event in the Philippines on November 30, 2017 at Smart Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City! Tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets or online at For inquiries, contact Ticketnet at (02) 911-5555 or Fangirlasia at or (+63) 916-231- 1512.

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