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The Six Fix: Reasons Why BTS Is Everyone's Current K-Pop Obsession

The Six Fix: Reasons Why BTS Is Everyone's Current K-Pop Obsession



BTS (short for Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene) is a seven-member boy group who just turned out to be the hottest K-pop phenomenon of the moment! This obviously talented bunch made an appearance at the recently held 2017 American Music Awards, making them the first K-pop group to ever perform in that prestigious global event!

At the said awards show, fellow performer and One Direction member Niall Horan even gave them career advice saying, "Keep your head on your shoulders and don't let it get away from you," and mentioned that he's looking forward to the boys' success in the States. Aside from Niall, the swoon-worthy actor Ansel Elgort is apparently a HUGE fan of BTS, too!



Niall and Ansel, who are heartthrobs in their own right, are already gushing over BTS, so just imagine how their fully dedicated fans (collectively known as BTS ARMY) are squealing about this precious boy group's irresistible charisma! And to further prove to you why these boys are worthy of all the attention they're getting, we've listed six major reasons why right here! 

1. They’re breaking international barriers. From penetrating the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their single DNA to being the first Korean group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards, BTS is solidifying their presence in the global music scene. Not to mention, they never even produced a single song in English! The group recently signed a contract with American label RED Distribution which is also owned by Sony Music, proving that language is never a barrier when it comes to making music. We even heard that a collab with Zedd is in the works!


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2. They’re not afraid to tackle important issues. It’s no secret that this empowering group is not like other artists who avoid talking about important social issues like depression, materialism, and gender equality. Aside from writing encouraging pieces of lyrics, BTS has also collaborated with UNICEF for an anti-violence campaign called “Love Myself,” an advocacy about making the world a safer place for everyone and ending the fear of violence. Now that's a boy group with a heart!


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3. They’re not from the "Big Three" agencies. If you’ve been a K-pop fan since the 1st and 2nd generations, you would know that there’s a hierarchy when it comes to agencies who handle these groups. And the three most successful ones are namely SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment which have made every artist under their wing solid superstars. So being a non-Big Three talent (they're handled by Big Hit Entertainment) makes their success more organic and their hard work ten times more visible. They literally started from the bottom, and, yup, now they're here!


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4. Their songs have an artful way of telling a story. Aside from their on-point visuals and dance moves, BTS tells stories through their songs, leaving fans to think and even make theories up! This makes listening to their music all the more fun and emotionally affecting!



5. They’re one of the most humble and funniest groups around. BTS is recognized for their modesty which has totally helped them get to where they are right now. They never brag about their achievements. They get along with other artists and even fanboy over their idols! The group is also known for their playfulness; you can search for the group’s funny moments and see a ton of videos made by their fans!


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6. ARMYs stan BTS, and BTS stans ARMYs! BTS and their fandom ARMY are just like a family. According to the fans, their bond with them is not like any other. The boys even remind their fans to eat well and not stay up too late! In return, their ARMY supports them in any way they can as much as possible. The lesson learned here is to stan someone who stans you right back!


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With all these impressive facts about BTS, it's not going to be a surprise if they take over the international music scene sooner rather than later. We’re seriously wishing the best for this group in the years to come! PH ARMYs can't wait to welcome them back to Manila soon, fingers crossed!


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