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In Focus: Our Dream Line-Up At The Golden Disc Awards Happening In Manila This January

In Focus: Our Dream Line-Up At The Golden Disc Awards Happening In Manila This January


By Patricia Mata

It’s that time of the year again when the hype for Korea's 2018 Golden Disc Awards is upon us! And the excitement is even more palpable because GDA is happening right here in Manila this January! Filipino stans are getting ecstatic because this means that seeing their idols in the flesh is not far from reality anymore. However, none of the details on the lineup have been confirmed yet. But a lot of rumors are circulating online, keeping the K-netizens far from calm.

So which K-pop stars do we want to see at this year’s GDAs? Here are our top picks!

1. The Big 3 of the 3rd Generation Girl Groups (Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, and TWICE)

SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, also known as the “Big 3” entertainment agencies in South Korea, have placed their bets on their youngest girl groups this 2017, and they surely reaped the benefits! SM’s Red Velvet, YG’s BLACKPINK, and JYP’s TWICE are continuously making waves and cementing their K-pop presence by releasing 2017’s biggest chart-toppers, one after another. Of course, every PH ReVeluv, Blink, and Once would definitely love to see their respective idols perform their biggest hits live! Here's our wish list:

Red Velvet's  “Red Flavor”

BLACKPINK's  “As If It’s Your Last”

TWICE's “Likey”


2. Wanna One

The adorable boy group has already visited Manila just over a month ago for their first fan meeting, and they are also rumored to return sometime next year for their concert. And if it’s true that they’ll be joining the final line-up at the GDAs, then the PH Wannables are indeed the luckiest ones in the world! Since the Wanna One guys will be promoting together only until December 2018, PH Wannables are willing to make the most out of this time to express their love during these upcoming events in Manila! An “Energetic” or “Beautiful” live performance would be a dream come true!

3. EXO

EXO continues to be the phenomenon that they are with the back-to-back releases of their chart-topping hits “Ko Ko Bop” and “Power” this year. These songs have even started viral internet sensations, namely the #KoKoBopChallenge and the #PowerChallenge. With the GDAs happening here in Manila, PH EXO-Ls are definitely ready to do their fan chants while the boys go “Ko Ko Bop!” 


4. BTS

The boys of BTS are surely making their beloved ARMYs proud with their latest achievements! From their successful crossover to the US to their best-selling “The Wings” world tour, there’s no stopping these guys from breaking records. For sure, PH ARMYs would die to see a live performance of their latest hit “DNA” which has been a certified hit among Korean and American ARMYs!


5. G-Dragon x IU

With both artists achieving a perfect all-kill across Korean music charts this year, a live performance of their chart-topping single “Palette” is a must-see! For those who weren’t lucky enough to catch them live during the Seoul and Taipei legs of G-Dragon’s best-selling world tour “Act III: MOTTE,” the GDAs might be the only chance for the fans to see these two legendary artists together on one stage!


6. Super Junior

It’s been years since ELFs have seen Super Junior perform actively again as a group. After two years of waiting for most of the members to finish their mandatory military service, here they are again, back at the top of their game with their latest full-length album “PLAY.” PH ELFs would surely want to see the iconic super group perform their 2017 comeback hits “One More Chance” and “Black Suit!”


January doesn't seem like a long time away, so hopefully, we'll get the official update sooner than we expect! For the meantime, let’s continue to pray and keep the faith that our favorites will be included in the final list. What a great way to start 2018 indeed!



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