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In Focus: This Darkly Themed Theater Production Is One You Shouldn't Miss!

In Focus: This Darkly Themed Theater Production Is One You Shouldn't Miss!


By Crisyl Ursabia 
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Have you ever imagined a place where it is winter forever? Nothing grows from the land, and people are desperate to do everything, even the illegal, unlikely, and unthinkable, just to survive. This is what Ikarus Theater Collaborative's Bastion is all about—stories of hopelessness, desperation, and revenge. While the plot is exceedingly promising, there’s a lot more to Bastion than its story. Read up why should catch this play below!


1. Nothing is sugar-coated. The thing about theater that makes it different from movies is that is has more freedom in terms of their theme and subject. Theater can stage plays that feature scenes that are gory and themes that are considered taboo. And because theater doesn’t have an MTRCB that regulate and classify content, the audience should expect gore, disgust, thrill, fear, desperation, anxiety, and everything not-so-nice in the play. 


2. It teaches values. While playing with our senses and emotions, Bastion wants to instill something important to its audience: sometimes, life may feel like a long struggle like an endless winter season. However, you should be strong and fight for your survival—because no one will do it for you. Laban lang


3. It makes the audience think. The play will also make its audience think, "How does this mirror our society today?" The setting of the story may seem highly hypothetical and impossible but the audience should watch out for the play’s subtle parallelisms about what is happening in our country today.


4. It measures your morality threshold. Lastly, it makes its audience think and challenge their morality. If you were put in the same situation, are you ready to do the unthinkable for your survival? When is it still acceptable and when is it not acceptable? How do you define right and wrong?


Sounds like a thrilling production, right? Bastion is directed by Jay Crisostomo IV and will be staged at DITO: Bahay ng Sining in J. Molina St. Concepcion Uno, Marikina City. The play dates are on November 24 and 25, at 7:30PM and on November 26 at 6:00PM. You may reserve your tickets through 09178632364, 09178760525, or 09178422921. You may also email them at



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