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In Focus: Sweat It Out At Some Of Manila's Finest Fitness Hangouts!

In Focus: Sweat It Out At Some Of Manila's Finest Fitness Hangouts!

The holidays are around the corner, which means pig-out season is upon us. Sure, it’s one of the reasons why it’s best time of the year—just don’t forget to sweat it out every chance you get! Shed the excess weight in some of the trendiest fitness hangouts in the metro, with each of the following fitting right into every type of fitness aspiration!

Spinning/Indoor Cycling: Ride Revolution
Exercise. Music. Convenience. Lifestyle. Ride Revolution prides itself in these. Do high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workouts on a bike with a passionate trainer leading the charge and a carefully curated playlist blaring in the background. Booking a class is made easy here, with you doing it via computer or smartphone. No "commitments" here, too—just ride whenever you can!


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Boxing: Flyweight
Boxing is usually an individual experience, but Flyweight designed a studio where you can do it with your friends. Expect shadowboxing, intense bag work, and footwork exercises here—Flyweight in fact caters to fighters of all skill levels, from beginners to the more advanced. Like Ride Revolution, booking a bag can be conveniently done on your computer or smartphone.

MMA/Personal Training: UFC Gym
"Train different," UFC’s approach to fitness, says it all. Keeping in mind that UFC fighters are some of the best-trained athletes in the world, you gain exclusive access to these hardcore mixed martial artists' routines and nutrition regimens right inside UFC Gym. Don’t be intimidated, though, as it offers its services to different ages and fitness levels! The recently launched UFC Gym is poised to take over the local fitness scene, with several locations across Metro Manila.

Barre Workout: Plana Forma
In ballet, the barre is the horizontal handrail that performers grip while training to perfect their form and technique. In Plana Forma, they take these ballets as warmup routines and infuse these with dance, pilates, and yoga altogether to accommodate genders and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds. The result is a dynamic and a highly rewarding workout that will leave you wanting more after every hour-long session!

Going at it in these gyms and studios are some of the best ways to lose the extra pounds. But by doing so, you may also gain something that’s just as unwanted as excess weight. Sweat can irritate the scalp, causing it to dry and form dandruff—but don’t let this stop you from working out! Instead, use Clear Cool Sport Menthol for Men or Clear Complete Soft Care for Women to stay dandruff-free and fresh all day! With Clear, you’ll be unstoppable in your post-holiday season fitness journey.

Stay out there and keep sweating!

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Photos from Unsplash, Ride Revolution’s Instagram, and the official websites of Flyweight, UFC Gym, and Plana Forma




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