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Hot Stuff: Heartbroken? This Bacon-Overloaded Pizza Might Just Relieve You Of All That Toxic Hugot!

Hot Stuff: Heartbroken? This Bacon-Overloaded Pizza Might Just Relieve You Of All That Toxic Hugot!

Heartbreak—we’ve all been there before. One too many times. Sometimes, life can knock the wind out of us and break our hearts. Either something turned out to be what it wasn’t, or it didn’t live up to its promise. Even after you’ve given your everything, as they say, sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

Yet, no matter how many times we get our hearts broken, sometimes, we just never learn. Perhaps we’re just naive—crazy, even. Maybe that’s just how we naturally are as people, always craving for love, even if we can never have it.

At some point, after all the sacrifices made and tears that have been shed, it all has to stop. We can’t go on forever soldiering in the name of love. It’s time that we stand up for ourselves and make a choice to be happy.

If you’re tired of having your heart broken and are now finding your way to be happy, the first step is to have a strong support system that will be there for you during those low moments. Go out, have fun, enjoy the company of true friends who will never leave you. And while you’re out and about with your barkada, drop by and indulge in great food at the ultimate barkada hangout—Greenwich.

Greenwich Bacon Overload Pizza is perfect for you and your bacon-loving friends. It’s Greenwich's ‘baconest’ pizza yet that will satisfy even non-bacon fans. It’s so good and addictive, you might just forget about your heart woes!

Greenwich Bacon Overload pizza is unlike any other “bacon-loaded” pizzas. It won’t give you any false hopes, break your heart, or disappoint you! It’s overloaded with bacon flavor, the per-fect fix for true bacon lovers.

Forget dating—bacon, like your bestest friends, is here to stay. While a broken heart might feel like the end of the world now, there’s always a brighter side in the company of an awesome barkada and even more awesome pizza.

Visit your nearest Greenwich pizzeria to try the Bacon Overload Pizza now! Greenwich, the country’s favorite pizza and pasta chain, has close to 300 stores na-tionwide. For delivery, call #55555 or order online via

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