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In Focus: 7 Korean Movies To Watch If You're Going Through A Heartbreak

In Focus: 7 Korean Movies To Watch If You're Going Through A Heartbreak


Whether you’re the one who cut the ties or not, ending a relationship is a painful struggle. But the hardest part is not really the breakup fiasco; it’s when you wake up the next day realizing that your entire world has suddenly changed. You won’t receive a "good morning" message nor ask them about their day after work or school.

But instead of letting each minute pass while you're sulking or thinking about what you no longer have, why not distract yourself with a feel-good movie? Here, we list down the best Korean films that will surely turn your "Omoo" into "Kyaaa!"


1. Architecture 101, 2012

This is a story about a 35-year-old architect whose first love resurfaces from the past. The heartbreaking part of this film is losing that person who was your "almost," your "could have been." After a breakup, it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one who went through a phase like this.


2. The Classic, 2003

A fascinating movie filled with laughs and tears, it’s about a young girl stumbling upon her mother’s first love story and finding out that fate can be cruel at times. If you feel heartbroken about the breakup, then you'll definitely think that some people can have it worse! Here's to hoping that it will ease up the pain!


3. 200 Pounds Beauty, 2006

You might already know this popular Korean movie which tackles a girl’s dream and love life being crushed because of her weight. It's famous for a reason; with the amazing representation of the cast and outstanding plot, the movie has received a ton of nominations and awards the time it was released. This is a superb rom-com movie to treat yourself for a good heartfelt laugh!


4. My Sassy Girl, 2001

Another classic Korean movie that instantly became a hit, this was the highest grossing Korean comedy film during its release even here in the Philippines! A story about an uptight college boy and a free-spirited young girl, it's a film that will surely tickle your fancy and make you believe in beautiful disasters.

5. Ditto, 2000

Do you think it’s possible to meet someone who lives two decades before your present time? Well, you might think otherwise. But such circumstance happened in this movie which made it far more interesting than we assumed! It’s something worth-watching during your post-breakup phase because it will surely take you to a different place and time!


6. 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, 2004

A bad boy meets a sweet, innocent girl may seem like a cliche plot. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, especially the ending. But if you enjoy lighthearted chick flicks and you really just want to put your mind (and heart!) somewhere else, then this is a perfect pick!


7. Baby and I, 2008

Veering away from the rom-com genre, this movie is about a young rebellious boy who was given a responsibility to take care of a baby while his parents were away. It’s comical yet uplifting, the precise movie that you should watch after an agonizing day!



You can't easily let go of someone and all the memories and routine that come with them. Getting them is a hard task, but, hopefully, these Korean movies can help you ease up even just for a couple of hours. If you have any more recommendations, make sure to let us know in the comments below!



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