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In Focus: Thespian-Yogi-Environmentalist Alex Godinez Is Now Out To Make Her Mark In Global Music

In Focus: Thespian-Yogi-Environmentalist Alex Godinez Is Now Out To Make Her Mark In Global Music

There aren’t a lot of people who are fortunate enough to be gifted with many different talents, and to be able to translate all these into careers. Alex Godinez, or known for her name's ambigram “Xela,” is one of these select few. A singer/songwriter, producer, actress, yoga instructor, diver, and environmentalist, Alex is a talent on a completely different level. Now, by joining up and coming record label, Tarsier Records, she sets her sights on conquering the music industry.

Already a seasoned veteran in the performing arts, she is, however, relatively new to the music industry—at least, in terms of producing original material for herself. This is because most of her career was in musical theater, where her focus mainly lied in the portrayal of different characters. As a result, her venture into music has also become a journey of self-discovery and a further exploration of her innate musical talent.

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“I’ve always loved to sing, but I never had a focus because I always sang as a character. I always felt it was easier to sing as someone else than to be responsible for what I’m singing as myself, so it’s been a struggle for me to figure out who I am as an artist, and I’m still trying to figure that out as this is going on. That’s why I’m ‘Xela’ and not Alex, because it’s another me, and it’s kind of like being another character.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s been struggling with a learning curve like most people in her situation would. In fact, on top of writing songs and coming up with original melodies for herself, she also involves herself in the creative process of other artists in Tarsier Records. Being a vocal producer to the other talents, she makes use of her background as a vocal coach to help in rounding out their overall sound as a team.

“I want all my peers to succeed and I’m not trying to compete with anybody. Now, it’s not even about fame. What I am about is self-expression. I really want to give out a good message, and I don’t need to be the most famous person. I’m just trying to be the best human being I can be.”

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More than being a thoroughbred in the arts, her passion for life and wanting to share her talents with others is what makes Alex thrive. But it's one not only in music, but in her other pursuits as well. She is a certified yoga instructor, a diver, and a co-founder of the non-profit organization CORA (Communities Organized for Research Allocation), which focuses on building awareness on the sustainable distribution of natural resources.

“There’s a reason why all the things I do right now are important, because what I want to happen is to explore life as a human being and to make the most out of this vessel that I’m in. And with yoga, the NGO, the music—all of it combined, I would love to one day have a platform to promote culture and eco-tourism. So, that’s my ultimate dream, to have that all meshed and put together.”

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To say that she is making the most out of her time, is putting it lightly. There are no vacations for Alex, because her work is her life, and what sets her apart from most is that she recognizes what she’s passionate about and acts on it. And the beauty of all this is that it’s not entirely for herself, but is mostly for others–and this is what makes all the difference in whatever pursuit she intends on taking on.

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