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Cheat Sheet: Survival Hacks When You're Broke From Overspending

Cheat Sheet: Survival Hacks When You're Broke From Overspending


By Ella Escober


When it comes to overspending, we're pretty sure that we all have our moments. Just when you've set aside your savings for the month, unexpected expenses suddenly pop up! Whether your dream sneakers suddenly go on sale or there's an early bird discount on tickets to see you favorite band, shedding cash on the spot happens even to the best of us.

It may feel satisfying at first. But just like appeasing your sugar craving, the rush comes with the crash. And once the consequences of overspending hit you, you're forced to scrimp and get creative just to get by until your budget is replenished.

The struggle can get too real, so we're here to give you hacks on how to survive your overspending habits before you hit rock bottom

1. Look for loose change.

Yup, you read it right. Go flip that carpet in your car, and you’ll be surprised at how much coins got stuck in there. You may even gather enough to pay for parking!


2. Use dark blue text for printing.

If your printer is running low on black ink, change your font color to dark blue and you’ll get to print more before needing a refill!


3. Make a jar of overnight oats for your baon.

The beauty ofovernight oats is that you can put in whatever is left in your kitchen and still get away with it! Instead of eating out for lunch, bring a jar and tell your friends that you’re, uhm, starting to live healthy. LOL!


4. Chew gum and wear headphones at the grocery.

Head to the grocery for your packed lunch instead of eating out in restos. But don’t forget your props. Gum can make you feel fuller and will help you avoid the temptation to buy food impulsively, while headphones block the store’s ambient sound designed to make you stay longer.


5. Check online discounts.

If you really need to shop for something, search for online deals. Lots of trustworthy websites offer a wide range of products, and chances are that the item you’re looking for is on sale. Don’t have a credit card for online payments? Try virtual wallets like GCash. You can either download the free virtual card on Google Play and Apple App Store, or get the physical card at malls and Globe stores nationwide.


6. Make payments and monitor your spending with an app.

There are literally hundreds of apps available that can help you when it come to your finances. Among them is GCash which lets you list down all your transactions so you won’t easily go over budget. You can even get cashbacks when you use it for your purchases. And right now, it has a 5% off promo for Globe prepaid load!


Payment is easy with GCash’s Scan to Pay feature. All you need to do is to open the app on your mobile phone and scan the QR code for quick and hassle-free payment! It also has MasterCard and American Express tie-ups to give you a wide range of options. And here's a bonus: there's no need to line up at the cinema as you can easily book seats with GCash! And if you’re already adulting, you can save up on transpo by paying your bills through the app. How cool is that? With all these benefits and more, you’ll definitely love the way you pay with GCash!



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