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The Six Fix: The Most Fun Moments At Park Hyung Sik's First Love In Manila Fan Meet!

The Six Fix: The Most Fun Moments At Park Hyung Sik's First Love In Manila Fan Meet!



A night full of memorable moments and fond screaming, Park Hyung Sik's fan meeting at the Kia Theater last November 11 was definitely a success! A true definition of a win-win situation, Park Hyung Sik First Love In Manila made both Hyung Sik and his fans extremely happy, convincing us that this won't be the last time that the Korean star will visit our country!

It definitely surpassed our expectations because the segments allowed us to really get to know Hyung Sik more. We had such a fun time with him even though we were just sitting in the audience! Here, we've listed down the things that made the event a night to remember for everyone!


1. When Hyung Sik sang songs from his dramas' original soundtrack...

Apart from his acting career, Hyung Sik is also a popular singer in South Korea, who was previously part of the group ZE:A. So it's no surprise when we heard his genuine heavenly voice that night when he sang "I'll Be Here" and "Because Of You."


2. When he tried Filipino stuff...

This is probably the most fun segment of the fan meeting! While wearing our national attire, the barong, Hyung Sik got the chance to try our famous Filipino dish, sisig, and fruit, guyabano, which he said was too sour. But it wasn't until he got a taste of kamias when he really knew what sour meant! His reaction was priceless! He also tried playing with a tirador and gave away signed balls to his fans in the audience.

Of course, this segment wouldn't be complete without teaching Hyung Sik some Tagalog phrases. "Pwede ba kitang ligawan?" was definitely our fave!


3. When he reenacted scenes from his dramas with fans...

Six chosen fans got the chance to be up close and personal with him during this reenactment game. The mechanics was simple, all they have to do was reenact a scene from two of his dramas Hwarang and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. What impressed Hyung Sik the most was when his fans delivered the lines in Korean! One of them even brought a traditional costume for Hyung Sik to wear which gave her plus points for effort!


4. When he kept mentioning how much he loves the Philippines...

This wasn't the first time Hyung Sik visited our country, so when he heard that he was coming back, he got totally hyped! Throughout the fan meeting, he keeps mentioning how much he loves his Filipino fans and that he'll come back again soon!


5. When the fans surprised him with a birthday video and cake...

Hyung Sik will celebrate his birthday on November 16, but his Filipino fans decided to surprise him and celebrate it that night, too! They prepared a birthday video saying their birthday wishes for the Korean actor and presented a birthday cake while singing the entire theater sang him "Happy Birthday." The touching moment surely made him teary-eyed. We love you, Hyung Sik!


6. When he read the letter he wrote to his fans...

Written in his letter were his thoughts about coming in the Philippines, saying that he didn't expect all the love he was receiving. He said that he hopes we continue to support him and anticipate his upcoming drama entitled Suits which will air in 2018. He also said that he won't forget this fan meeting and the smiles on his Filipino fans' faces.


With his humble and admiring personality, he definitely deserves all of his success! The fan meeting was truly a night that will remain in each of his fans' hearts. We do hope to see him again soon. Gamsahamnida, Park Hyung Sik!


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Photos by Miguel Alomajan




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