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The Six Fix: Why BLACKPINK's Lisa is K-Pop's New Dancing Queen

The Six Fix: Why BLACKPINK's Lisa is K-Pop's New Dancing Queen



Lisa A.K.A. BLACKPINK’s dancing machine has been going viral for her superb dancing skills, and we just can't get enough! At such a young age, her rise to the top definitely escalated, making this 20-year-old wonder one of the best dancers in the K-pop scene. If you’re still not convinced, we've listed down the reasons why this stunner is about to conquer the world of dance!

1. At the age of 13, she already started doing K-pop cover dances. Before Lisa became BLACKPINK’s super-talented maknae, her slick dance moves have already been quite known. Lisa enjoys doing dance covers and performing with her friends during events. Here’s a clip of her with a group dancing to f(x)’s "Lollipop" and "La Cha Ta" shared by her fans. You can easily spot Lisa through her model-like legs!




2. Her breakthrough moment was in BLACKPINK's “Who’s That Girl” video. Thanks to YG Entertainment, the hype for BLACKPINK blew up when this video was released. The moment K-pop fans watched this video was the moment everyone figured out that this girl could totally slay! 


3. BLACKPINK’s first ever dance practice video shook everyone. After this video was released, people started choosing who to stan among the ladies, and all eyes were definitely on Lisa. Dancing is just really her forte, and no one can take it away from her! 


4. She's got killer freestyle moves. Any dancer can easily follow a choreography. But a great dancer can dance to any song on the spot, and the perfect example of that is Lisa! One of the things we love most about her is how she can make a freestyle dance look like it’s choreographed or planned even when it’s not. She’s just full of exciting surprises! 


5. She has a sultry groove, too! The group’s concept is a mixture of swag and cutesy, so dancing to a sexy song like this is new to them. But it seems as though they've mastered the art of sexy already especially Lisa! Yes, BLACKPINK did that!


6. She’s full of confidence which makes her so appealing. Lisa once said that the idol she looks up to the most is 2NE1’s CL because of her charisma on stage which she hopes to obtain. Well, she surely got what she wished (and worked hard) for! Her stage presence will surely make you want to dance with her!


These videos aren't even half the proof as to why Lisa is a true dancing queen.  Neither BLACKPINK nor the agency has stated their exact comeback date yet, but we’re 100% sure that it's worth the wait! Are you excited to see Lisa and the rest of the girls slaying with a brand new song? Comment your feelings below!



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